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Posted by Sadie from D007166.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Friday, March 28, 2003 at 11:59AM :

an email from an American friend... American like me... like many of us on this forum.... He's not ethnically Mid Eastern, yet he has more of a grip on the reality of this war than many Assyrians. Strange. Strange how some Assyrians are so happy to see others killed.
You have probably heard about Al-jazeera's english web-site that opened on Monday...although it seems that they have been having some problems getting it up and going...they had hundreds of thousands of hits from the US on the first day (although some of it led to fascist hackers posting the US flag)...

And as you know Rumsfeld is now talking about a possible "seige" of Baghdad in hopes that the people will "rise up" against the evil dictatorship--the same motherfucker who provided Iraq with chemical weapons to begin with. Where do these people come from? Could they have possibly really have believed that the Iraqi people would "rise up" and embrace those who are bombing them? or is this just a tactic to get the American people to buy the war in the first place, since they always "back the troops" when they are in combat and dismiss any debate as to the war's ethics as the pace towards war quickens? so, now since US soldiers are dying, Rumsfeld can do just about anything he damn well pleases, and our acceptance of HIS decision is what makes us "patriotic". Sometimes I have been tempted by the small hope that American ingenuity and technology would enable quick victory in such matters, avoiding killing innocents--this is the propaganda they spread. War is always ugly, and the US is, it seems, addicted to it.

-- Sadie
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