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Posted by Stella from ( on Friday, March 28, 2003 at 8:02PM :

In Reply to: Received this damn email... curse them all. posted by Jeff from ( on Friday, March 28, 2003 at 8:46AM :

...i sent this response back to a mass email request to publicize the ass kissing rally. check it out..


Wow, where do I begin....

Well, let me first start by saying that I do not mean to offend any of you with my following comments. Those that I know, I hold you in utmost respect.

When I first heard about this rally to show support for US troops and for George Bush's decision to go to war, I had to hold off writing to you guys. I was overwhelmed with anger, disgust, and sadness. It is one thing to individually support or oppose this war, but to come out and publically say that the Assyrians of Chicago back Bush's decision to totally destroy our ancestral land and kill thousands of our own people via "smart bombs," - thats something completely different. Contrary to popular belief, not all Assyrians support this war. I am one of those anti-war Assyrians. Just like you all, I want to see Saddam's regime removed from Iraq. However, not through destructive means.

Some Assyrians support this war as if Bush promised us a chunk of land, or even equal rights under the new regime. George Bush, a man who was never even elected president, promised us nothing. All he ever did for Assyrians was mention our name very briefly in one of his speeches. It was completely ridiculous to rush to thank this criminal and businessman for giving lip service to our ethnicity. All it was WAS lipservice. Dr. Emmanuel Kamber, an Assyrian from Michigan, has been chosen by the US State Dept. to be part of the administration in the new regime, however, there are no guarantees that Assyrians will have even equal rights at the least. Although I know Dr. Kamber will do all in his power to be the voice for Assyrians, we are outnumbered exponentially- 29 Kurds and Shi'ites to one Assyrian. Through this whole thing, there is no real mention of ! us in the post- Saddam Iraq reconstruction plan.

How can we support someone who has lied to us from the day he stole the office of the presidency? First Bush said that he was going after Saddam because he believed Saddam has WMD. UN Inspectors were searching and searching and didn't find much. Then Bush needed another excuse to guarantee this war to take place (all this unilaterally), so he gave his famous ultimatum: inspect and disarm in 10 days or else. That didn't work just like Bush knew it wouldn't. Bush also was quoted sometime in February saying that this war was not about weapons of mass destruction. It was really about regime change. The WMD scare was just a smokescreen for the US taking control of Iraq by placing a leader who would be more sympathetic to the United States. So out goes WMD as a ! legitimate reason for war. Shortly after that, I heard Bush on CNN saying how Iraq will be divided into three separate sections, kind of like how it is now with the no fly zones but with strict there you have it folks, our homeland is going to be chopped up once again.

As far as bringing democracy to Iraq goes, how is that even possible when the current United States government is changing the definition of democracy in it’s own country? We are slowly losing out basic rights. And not because of terrorist from the Middle East, but because of the terrorists in our own country: US government itself. Under the USA PATRIOT Act, the government breaches the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments. The CIA can now spy on American citizens, conduct “sneak and peak” searches (searches of your home while you are not there and cease your property without telling you), tap your phone without probable cause, track your email and internet usage, among other privacy invadi! ng acts. The government because of the USA PATRIOT Act has total, unchecked surveillance powers. All this supported by someone who is pushing for logging, has cut funding for benefits for men and women in the armed forces, proposed a tax cut plan benefiting only the rich, and is smiling over USA PATRIOT Act II. It's only going to get worse for us here. There are millions of Americans protesting against this war. And Bush Jr. has blatantly said that he has a dead ear to those who oppose the war. So much for democracy.

As far as liberating the Iraqi people goes, I have to ask the question: why now? The Iraqi people have suffered under the US imposed sanctions for the last 12 years. The sanctions were put there to weaken Saddam's regime. After 12 yrs of sanctions that DID NOT WORK in removing Saddam from govt. You'd think a country as "smart" as the US would get it and lift the sanctions. The US has been killing innocent Iraqi people while the Saddamned's government remains in tact. Since when did the Iraqi people matter? I guess since Halliburton and other corporations began to run our government. This war was never about the liberation of Iraqi civilians. If it were, then the US would not be bombing a metropolitan city of 4 million civilians to! get one man and his buddies; who the US knows will not be found in one of the government buildings or in his palaces in Baghdad, further pushing Iraqis into poverty, as well as possibly destroying thousands of archaeological sites on the way- And this war is going to benefit Iraqis? Hospitals in Baghdad are swamped with chllidren whose legs have been blown off by bombs, women who are petrified with fear, and men with shrapnel in their skin. I can't even go on. Is that really liberation? Remember- Assyrians are not immune to any of it. Bombs, no matter how "smart" they are, will not distinguish between an Assyrian wearing a cross or a Muslim Iraqi.

At this point, with all the death and destruction that's taken place, Saddam better be removed YESTERDAY. By the way, U.S. presence in the Middle East after this war is over is only going to destablize the area further. Israel's best friend will be closer and Palestinians will be screwed, Iran is going to be pissed, and we'll have another war to protest over once the US feels it's time to further continue it's imperialist agenda in the Middle East. This war isn't about liberation of Iraq- it's about its enslavement to Western Imperialism.

Also, by the way again, this is an illegal war. This constitutes major wars crimes on behalf of the United States and Britian. Also, check the US. record of war crimes and crimes against humanity and oppression they have caused other countries for economic gain, but was done to "help" the economies of other countries...CHECK OUT NAFTA !!!!

As far as supporting the troops go, I cannot support what they are doing in Iraq, although the choice was not theirs. How can I support these troops who are destroying my ancestral land as could possibly kill my and probably your own relatives who reside in Baghdad? I simply want the troops to come home so they do not kill more Iraqi civilians and so they themselves are not killed.

I wish you and your relatives in Iraq (for those who have them) good health and safety.


-- Stella
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