Re: Bush kicked shit out of Geneva Conv.

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Posted by Iraqi Panch from ( on Saturday, March 29, 2003 at 1:38PM :

In Reply to: Bush kicked shit out of Geneva Conv. posted by Sadie from D006044.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Saturday, March 29, 2003 at 1:07PM :

One of these days soon, we ...or our children, are going to look back at the entire war against the Iraqi people for their oil as the starting point of a radical shift in what we thought America was. Then, like the good Germans of old, we´ll say..."We Never Knew"...when it is here staring us in the face every day. It´s just that people can take a little bit every day for years...where they might not stand a lot all at once. But that´s just a trick of "policy".

The Nazis started by denying rights and protection to those everyone, every good and law abiding persons could "plainly see" were indeed undesirable. The policy was put in place for them...but once implemented, the tools and mechanisms are there to be used against the real targets...the decent people of conscience who might yet rise up and oppose their regime...THEY are the ultimate target.

You´ll see. It will be your children, the brightest among them, who may wish to demonstrate one day for a return to Law and civil rights...who may find themselves detained at a facility built by which you might have stock right "questionable undesirables" or whatever the Think Tank wonks will come up with. Or your darling graduate who hoped to be a college professor may find herself, "unsuitable" for that choice position because her feelings are "unknown".

It is not the Iraqi people or their oil, ultimately, these Fundamentalists want...they want to change the US Constitution...they want to make YOU demand and clamor for it to be the name of YOUR own security when, dummies that we are...thousands lived and died to make that Constitution so it COULD protect you.

-- Iraqi Panch
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