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Posted by Jeff from d53-152-230.try.wideopenwest.com ( on Sunday, March 30, 2003 at 10:57AM :

Re: I just remembered the word that describes...

Posted By: Jeff <jeff@attoz.com> (d53-152-230.try.wideopenwest.com)
Date: Sunday, 30 March 2003, at 9:55 a.m.

In Response To: Re: I just remembered the word that describes... (Peter BetBasoo)

Let's put this in perspective:

Imagine that China began a war of words against the US. They began sending ships near the eastern and western coasts of the US, and spy planes overhead. Then they demanded that we eliminate our WMDs because we were a threat to them.

Now imagine, if you will, that during this time the Chinese people that lived in America were making press releases about how they will "Assist" the Chinese in their attack of the US and how they "fully support" the Chinese president in his actions... and finally that they DEMAND to be a part of the "New American Interim Government" because they aren't part of the current American government.

Would they NOT be opportunists?

Now, as far as you being emotionally hurt, Peter, the "Keepa" (or Rock) of Assyria, you can defend yourself, but don't speak for our people as a whole. I was obviously not insulting our people as a whole, but rather speaking about a minority of them. For the most part, our people are law abiding, smart, beautiful, amazing human beings. Don't try to "pit me against the group" as if you are the saviour of Assyria.

: Toilet paper? That's what you think of your
: people?

: Thank you Jeff for revealing to me your opinion
: of Assyrians.

: Immigrants? My, aren't we the well-adjusted
: American WASP! Have you looked at yourself
: in the mirror, Jeff, you look like a Gypsy
: with an afro.


That made me smile. Thank you Peter. I did get a hair cut...wish you could see me now.

P.S. The ladies seem to like the Gypsy look these days. .... Get your mind out of the gutter!


: Jeff, do me favor: the next time you see me,
: don't talk to me, because I have nothing to
: say to you.

: Rarely have I been more disappointed in people,
: but you and Vivian really outdid yourselves.
: You call your people toilet paper and
: "immigrants", as if you're not,

: and Vivian in another post says "see!
: how bloodthirsty we are, we MUST be
: Assyrian!"

: You know what, you have no shame and no
: principles. You are willing to trash your
: own people to bolster your position. What
: else would you do, sell yourself to the
: highest bidder? If your own people are not
: sacred enough for you, then let the bidding
: begin, I am sure the Kurds, Turks, Iranians
: and Arabs are looking for a few good
: turncoats.

And there we have it, folks. If you don't agree with Peter, go take a Bathey... you Kurd Turk Persian Arab Agent!

-- Jeff
-- signature .

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