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Posted by Jeff from ( on Sunday, March 30, 2003 at 9:32PM :

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MESSAGE: (#6785) Re: As if it were possible to do so...
AUTHOR: Qasrani
DATE: Sunday, 30 March 2003, at 8:27 p.m.

Reply To: (#6778) As if it were possible to do so...
Author: Jeff
Date: Sunday, 30 March 2003, at 7:15 p.m.

Peter and I rarely agree, but we've gotten passed that and most of the time we
are grown up about our differences. We do sound like we can't stand each other
on these threads, but that's what discussion is all about. You don't take it
to heart. Or rather, I can only speak for myself. I've never seen Peter so
irritated with me, so perhaps the next time you see us in the same room, I'll
be on the same side of the room that you've been relegated to. :) Don't know.

I just hate the idea that Assyrians go around promulgating this "it was all
black in Iraq" idea. It wasn't. I know MANY Assyrians that would rather be
back in Iraq if the government was different, but due to the practicality of
it cannot. They live in the West, they will die in the West. Their children
(or children's children) will marry into other ethnicities. And Assyrians will
cease to exist.

Say what you may about living in the ME, but those religious lines were drawn
deep. Sure, they all went to school and worked together; but things like
marrying a non-Christian (which basically meant a non-Assyrian) was strictly
forbidden. Prejudice? Yes. Did it work as far as preserving our identity? Like
a charm. Nothing of the sort here in the US and I reckon every where else you
find Assyrians these days. Look at the other string from that guy who's
relatives married Jews. He seems rather proud of it. I'm not saying that it
isn't something to be proud of, but that this would hardly be something that
you mention if it happened to your family in the ME. Again, different values
as we make this transition to the "civilized" world. Whether or not we can
figure how to manage it, is a different story.

And although I also cringed at your use of the word "toilet paper", you have
the benefit of the doubt that you are speaking out of the anger that you
(rightfully) have to the treatment of Assyrians. Peter is just on edge these
days. You weren't saying Assyrians ARE that, you said they were treated as
that. And there is a clear difference. No apology necessary as far as I am


-- Jeff
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