And Jeff delivers a swift kick to our scholar

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Posted by Jeff from ( on Sunday, March 30, 2003 at 11:42PM :

In Reply to: Qasrani's response... posted by Jeff from ( on Sunday, March 30, 2003 at 11:34PM :

Another embarassing attempt...

Posted By: Jeff <> (
Date: Sunday, 30 March 2003, at 10:41 p.m.

In Response To: The so-called peace activists again (Fred Aprim)

: I see that a certain "informed
: Assyrian", who by the way do not have
: the guts to defend her stand hence posts
: anonymously, cares for the so-called genuine
: feelings of certain peace activists are
: displaying on this forum.

Perhaps this female chose to remain anonymous because of brave Asstian heroes like yourself who insult everyone that disagrees with you.

: Let me enlighten
: such individuals, since many have become
: experts in enlightenment lately, and allow
: me to say that a person who is a peace
: activist should defend peace in all places
: and times without exceptions.

There you go again redefining the English language. By the way, you have never and will never enlighten anybody. Last time I checked, most people who most off topic posts here (that is, posts that are IN NO WAY related to Assyrian issues)... i.e. Somalia... were asked by the Administrator not to post off topic content.

: Why is it that no one wants to answer this
: repeated unanswered question, Where were the
: Parhads, the hero of the likes of Tony,
: Jeff, and Qasrani, yesterday when disasters
: and deaths were, and in many cases still are
: today, striking Bangladesh, Rwanda,
: Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Azerbaijan, Sudan,
: Ethiopia, India, Pakistan, Somalia, etc.
: etc.

Funny that you should ask that. I can turn your non-point around by asking you the same: What was your position on each of these situations. Are you FOR the war in Afghanistan? Do you WANT india and Pakistan to have a nuclear war? Think before you speak.

: How come that those very numbered few
: so-called peace activists turned to be so
: activists only today and only when almost
: every decent Iraqi, who by the way is
: directly affected by this issue, want to see
: Saddam Hussein out, under any price, as many
: in Iraq itself have claimed lately?

Interesting, so by your poor standards (that you and only you follow), those who are FOR peace are no longer "decent" Iraqis. Qasrani is not decent? I am not decent? Who are you to judge, Mr. Scholar?

: If
: Iraqis want that tyrant out, why are these
: fellows protesting to save the regime?

If Iraqis didn't have crippling sanctions which only served to make Mr. Hussein stronger, they would have rid themselves of him on their own. If the US hadn't encouraged a rebellion then watched as the rebellion was crushed, he would have died long ago. You need to read more and write less quasi-academic material.

: Obviously, the so-called peace activists have
: limited their noble peace activities only to
: Iraq. This proves that these people lack the
: genuine concerns for the human race, as they
: claim. Fact is that we have not heard
: anything from them in near past tragedies
: that hit the Chechens, Somalis, Sudanese,
: Azeris, or many other suffering people
: throughout the world; therefore, their
: behavior is exactly similar to those of
: special interest groups.

Wow, your world view is so warped. It's sad, really.

: The only difference
: that I see is that I do not believe that
: these people are paid directly, they rather
: are swept emotionally by the continuous
: strong and emotional campaign by interest
: groups that are paid indeed by a wealthy
: Iraqi Ba'ath government to manipulate the
: thoughts and feelings of the public. Just
: listen to the demands of these so-called
: peace activists; they demand no war on Iraq.
: What does no war on Iraq mean in the final
: analysis? It means simply leaving Iraq
: alone, hence, leaving Saddam in power. One
: wonder, why would any decent person
: propagate the remaining of Saddam in power?
: That question remains to be answered.

And your argument or non-point boils down to the following: If you are pro-peace, you are pro-Saddam, and hence a Ba'athey agent. Way to go Scholar Fred!

: Lets look at these peace activists and what
: they stand for: Parhad --- an atheist who
: cares less about anything but business: i.e.
: selling his Assyrian kings that look like
: him and queens that look like his wife.

: Jeff --- a lost punk who does not know what and
: who he is, who just declared that Assyrians
: were "Toilet Paper".

: Qasrani --- questions that we are descendents
: of the ancient Assyrians.

: Tony --- traveled to Iraq to visit the mosques
: of southern Iraq, and not to make sure that
: the Assyrians were OK.

: I need say no more.
: Fred

Indeed, Fred, that last bit you just had to put in because we weren't sure just how little class you had. You need say no more becuase in all of that text you said very little save a very disgusting picture of how your mind works.

-- Jeff
-- signature .

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