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Posted by Warrior Empress from ? ( on Tuesday, April 01, 2003 at 4:55PM :

Dis (appointment)
Dis (placement)

She stood there numbly yearning,
Her trembling knees finally gave way and she collapsed
Sobbing to her mother earth

Clawing at the blood stained mud
She makes a vow
And a wish
For her beloved ancestral homeland

She was snatched from the womb
Her umbilical cord torn from within her
Deaf, mute, blind
She is silent
Trying to trace the vague scent
Of home

Her memories have been erased
Her connections severed
Her history rewritten
Her passion extinguished

The fire in her eyes twinkles
The blazes in her heart reduced to a few sparkling embers at most


She never knew her mother,
Only by name
And some days she mouths out the sound that it makes…
Atour Atour Atour

The name that caresses her soul when she is cold and lonely at night,
The name that gives her a glimmer of hope
Of returning to a place she has never seen
Of embracing someone she has never known.

Her heart clenches as tightly as her fists
She is dizzy, weak,
She stumbles


She never abandonded her mother,
But felt she was cast out,
Rejected like an unwanted child.

Her eyes are warm with tears,
Ceaseless tears that cascade down porcelain cheeks,
Revealing an inner pain that is nameless.

She is searching for identity

-- Warrior Empress
-- signature .

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