Chaldeans are morons but we still love them

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Posted by ashur from ( on Wednesday, April 02, 2003 at 11:52AM :

Yes, this is just a quick reminder that anyone who claims Chaldean as a nation is an unintelligent imbecile, who is a non-patriotic separtist with no understanding of history. We all know you are the Assyrians who sold out to the Catholic church for money, but guess what, we still love you, come back home. Catholics are still Christians and we have no problem with denomination differences. But to call yourself separate people, is too much. Next step is for our individual tribes to call for a nation. Hmm, the Jilwayes can separate ate any time....fuckin morons. We are all Assyrian and should take pride in that and not let "titles" get in the way. Yeah ok sure buddy, Chaldeans are from the south but are magically placed in the old capital of Assyria...kiss my ass you separtists. Again, this is just a reminder of info people already know, and it's great to beat up a dead horse, when that dead horse was such a jackass. Have a nice day.

-- ashur
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