To Our Dear Chaldeans

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Posted by Iraqi Panch from ( on Friday, April 04, 2003 at 5:03PM :

All we had to do was ask Aprim, he of the famous "proof", for any paper or item or article that would PROVE he was he had been demanding from Chaldeans...and he took a hike, complained to Peter and had to have his nose wiped.

Assyrians can point to nothing, can prove nothing. We BELIEVE we are Assyrians...and they BELIEVE they are Chaldean. That´s all it takes.

Being so shakey and insecure, the Assyrians among us think to strengthen their position by instituting all manner of assinine tests and proofs...usually requiring near-sightedness and an old greasy map. And as usual, they only shoot themselves in the foot.

I would say that, very fortuitously, there IS no proof of either Assyrian or Chaldean "blood" or ancestry...none besides how one ACTS. Not how much one talks about it...but what one does. These Aprims and Jizzims are over here clamoring for that job they think they lost out to a Muslim in Iraq because of prejudice...when several qualified and competant Christians have done very well there all along.

My own father was a major in the Iraqi army, prejudice and all and died in his first year as head of the Health Department of Kuwait. No amount of "equality" or "democracy" will ever make a silk purse of sows ears such as Aprim and Jizzboohoo.

Like the Ghassbag´s these patriotic riffs and tirades are nothing more than the disappointed whinings of the kinds of kids no one ever wanted on their team. Since the team was a Muslim one...they think the reason they were not wanted must have been due to religious persecution...when they were just ratty and doofus kids no Christian team would have wanted either.

-- Iraqi Panch
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