Christian Ritual Child Murder

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Posted by Iraqi Panch from ( on Monday, April 07, 2003 at 6:12PM :

Christianity and Ritual Child Murder

I never liked Christianity. My parents sent me to Catholic Church in San Francisco...Protestant relatives in Chicago sent me to Lutheran services and Jesuits in Baghdad were recruited to bring Jesus into my life. I liked Jesus well enough but balked at the idea that he'd been murdered for my sake. I'd never ask that of anyone and wasn't about to have the act hung round my neck. If anyone had asked me I'd have refused the offer of salvation, or a candy bar, at that price, let Jesus go and taken our chances together. I could see that was their aim...that I should clean up my act because Jesus paid such a heavy price. The whole thing was as absurd as it could be and about as transparent a scam as you could imagine.

But it wasn't till I found out about how often this killing of children, human sacrifice, formed a part of Hebrew religion that the murder of Jesus made sense, I mean as a ritual murder. The story of Abraham and his attempts to kill his first two sons had always filled me with horror and disgust. I wasn't interested in how he felt all holy while he trussed his sons up, or how the Lord beamed down on the old bastard. All I could think of was how his children felt. What must go through a child's mind as he sees dear old dad tying him up like he's seen him do the pigs and sheep? He must know what's coming...know the sharp knife is going to slide along his jugular...that his head will get tilted back so the blood rushes out the easier. For all I know the kid thinks his father's going to carve him up and eat him too, like he does the other animals he slaughters. I mean why not...what wouldn't a father who murders his own son in cold blood do?

The fact that the Lord relents in the end, in the case of Issac and Ishmael at least, only confirmed what seemed glaringly obvious...that this Lord was one sick Fuck and in Abraham he'd found a ghoul and sadist to match. In the case of Jesus of course, this Lord gets his way and Jesus is killed. Now either it didn't matter cause Jesus was God and knew he wasn't going to stay dead, in which case the whole thing is a cheap charade and one in which the pain and suffering couldn't have been real. Or else God is made human...and feels every whiplash and nail and prick in his behind (Romans raped just like everybody else). If Jesus felt all the pain anyone of us would, then offering him up as a sacrifice is about as awful an act as the almost murders of Issac and Ishmael. I mean what would we have thought if we read the bible and found that Abraham didn't stop...that he tied his two young and innocent sons up and slit their throats? Would he be the holy and revered man he is to so many people today? Answer carefully because with that answer you pin-point exactly why Christianity has been the scourge to the the Human Race it has been.

In Gordon and Rendsburgs book they get all worked up over how the story of Issac and Ishmaels's near murder symbolized the switch from human to animal sacrifice...that after getting the holy crap scared out of them, the two boys are let go and an animal slaughtered in their place. yet even up until the time of Jehu, the Tophet was still in place and still in use. The Tophet was where Hebrews slit the throats of their dearest children...only the best would do. On top of that you couldn't keep a Hebrew from running after Baal and Milcolm and Molech and Chemosh and all he rest of that disgusting crew who all demanded child murder. Yahwe though tops them all cause he actually gets Jesus killed...even after making a big show of relenting in the case of Issac and Ishmael. But them Jews went right on killing their I don't see where Abraham was any improvement...they went on killing pigs and sheep and goats and children as sacrifices...right on up to Jesus.

Abraham relented, but then only because he was ordered to do so and by the same Lord who set him on in the first place. For this we think very highly of Abraham and his Lord...when eiher way the both of them deserve to be locked up...not revered. But with Jesus no one stopped. The murder had to go through or else all the low-life weasels who would accept any benefit on such a horrific basis wouldn't have been "saved". If you ask me, accepting any boon on such terms should just about damn a person to hell if anything could.

I come up to you and offer you something, anything...a Benz or Paradise, and say the only way you're going to get it is if you allow me to drive nails through a young man's body and leave him in the sun to rot...and you eye that shiny car or imagine the terrors of the grave melting away and you enjoying an eternity on a cloud somewhere...and you cast an eye at the lovely, sweet and unoffending young man who's tied up and bleeding...his executioners standing around with their tools in hand...all of them waiting on you to make the fatal you get to Paradise on the blood of this innocent man, or do you do the decent thing and have him set free...and you finally decide on Paradise instead and stand there and watch and weep croc tears while they strip him and lay him down and drive nails through his body and snap him upright so he can dry out in the sun like any piece of jerky...and you walk away after he's dead thinking about how much you're gonna benefit from his murder...I mean who wants to spend five minutes in the company of such a person let alone an eternity with millions of them?

The sop in all of this is that Jesus was a god and couldn't really die and therefore couldn't feel any of the pain either. But just as that begins to sink in and you feel foolish for getting caught up in the're told that he really WAS human, for the brief moment he felt all that pain so it WAS real, "come on back".

Where in the world did such a dismal religion get its start? From them old Hebrews of course. From the same people who used to kill their firstborn children as a regular thing whenever there was something they needed very badly...something their own talents and merits left them bereft of. Who gave us the idea that you could win "salvation", or anything, by sacrificing the most innocent and blameless thing you cold find...the one thing that was supposed to be the "dearest" thing in the world to you, or else your Lord would be unimpressed? Why, the same people who gave you your "ethics" and your "morality", which goes a long way in explaining how much more murderous we are becomming and how often it is children we kill.

Whatever shreds of decency Christianity picked up here and there, at its core it remains a religion founded on ritual child murder...on the premise that if you can get a benefit, especially the ultimate benefit of cheating should go for it, no matter who has to be killed, or how many, to get it for matter how innocent that victim...and in fact, "the more innocent and blameless the better". Now ask yourselves why no one minded at all that children born into the madness of Sanctions didn't matter at all matter how innocent they were, how long as there was to be a benefit conferred on their murderers, their "sacrificers" was was "acceptable policy". If it was fine and dandy for Jesus to be murdered so you could get into heaven...then why can't a five year old be killed so you can drive to work? Isn't Jesus a bigger deal than any five year old kid? Yahwe had only one can pick up and murder children by the bushelfull, who gives a shit?

If you'll take Paradise through the blood of Jesus...why not a drive to the beach on the blood of several brats..."enemy" brats at that?

-- Iraqi Panch
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