See all those Assyrian warmongers...

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Posted by Andreas from ( on Wednesday, April 09, 2003 at 2:58PM :

Hi all.

At, least, some people seem to be rejoycing.

They call themselves "Christians".

All the present carnage against the Iraqi people does not count for them.

They simply do not care.


They are victims of an earlier genocide perpetrated against Assyrians,

Thus, evil and death will continue...




One message I received reads:

" Shlama all,

Where is all of the liberal propoganda today? From what I have been
reading, now all the complaining is about petty subjects such as looting in
the streets. The last two weeks the anti-war contingent on this link have
been posting reports that the military strategy employed be the coalition
forces was failing. What do these same people have to say today as we see
coalition forces taking over Baghdad after only three weeks? This just
shows you how the bias of liberal media outlets during this "war", had
clouded their sense of reality. Due to their dislike for America and their
position against the war, Bravo to the U.S. and the U.K. for magnificent
work in liberating the people of Iraq. Hopefully, the Assyrians may enjoy
this new found freedom and make this a positive step in the right

As for the U.N., I say let them be in charge of humanitarian aid and
that's it. The U.N. has failed when it has attempted to take a bigger role
in rebuilding, i.e. Kosovo. I have heard arguments that the U.N. has to
have a large role in the rebuilding of Iraq to legitamize the efforts of
the coalition. I disagree with this theory completely. I see this as an
attempt on the part of the French, Germans, and Russians to prevent
themselves from being left out in the cold. It is proposterous to me to
include these three nations, when they were unwilling to support the
coalition in the first place. Since the U.S. and the U.K. have put in all
the work and suffered the majority of the casualities, I believe French,
Germans,and Russians have no legitimate claim for assisting in rebuilding
post-Saddam Iraq."

-- Andreas
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