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Posted by Iraqi Panch from customer-148-223-66-109.uninet.net.mx ( on Wednesday, April 09, 2003 at 3:01PM :

What Eisenhower was warning about. he wasnīt warning us of any real threats anywhere...he was warning about the new phenomenom on the capitalist stage...and he was a Republican five star general!

There is no treasure to be won in any war...not any longer. Oil will fatten a few fat cats. The new face of war...of war as big business, is to manufacture an enemy...preferably one you can knock out easily, but not too easily. You have to prepare the soil first...thatīs what they bought up all media outlets for...years ago when no one was paying attention, when the corporate types yowled about free enterprise and the American Way...and gutted the laws put in place years before when Americans knew what scoundrels were...back before we got to believing every crook if heīd just say, "praise the Lord" before fucking us over.

The money, the profit, in war comes from us...our taxes. It doesnīt come from any treasure the enemy has. The Korean War, the Vietnam War, Grenada and now the Gulf Wars...these were money-making enterprises. It begins by getting us to hate the people...by printing "news" stories about how atrocious they are to dogs and what they do to children and how the world would be better off rid of their kind...like Hearst did to set us up for the Spanish American War, when America first lusted after empire...and the British did with the battle of "Jenkinīs Ear" a hundred years or so before. As a bonus you can try to push a segment of them to an overt attack against the "good guys".

First we had to hate Commies...and then Arabs and Saddam and then even the people...the women and children. When the ground is set...you manufacture a pretext, in this case the WMDs we sold him and the threat Saddam posed to the entire FREE world.

And once everyone is convinced and scared...you raid the treasury...somebody makes boots and clothing and chemical grear and tank treads and missles and bombs and band-aids...someone makes K rations and gum and runs transport and back-up...and you get all that money from the citizens...even as you take their children to war.

The money gets spent...and there isnīt any for your teeth or your kidīs school...but thatīs alright cause you been "saved"...so you donīt need teeth and your kid can get by on whatever education there is...cause youīre all so thankful to be alive.

Saddam had nothing...he never threatened the United States...neither did the Korean people or the Vietnamese, the only people he really hurt were his own and in that he was doing just what Uncle Shmoel wanted him to..and what danger there was hidden deep inside Grenada weīll never know...but we were saved anyway.

You young Americans had better think about more than what kind of job youīll get and what you can afford and can you travel. You might wake up one day and see your own children dragged off to prison for being un-American.

Money has to be taken out of politics...thatīs all there is to it. The Repubs and Dems are all fighting like mad to cripple campaign finance reform because they are all beholden to corporations. The soft money exemption has to be gotten rid of...and an eye has to be kept on these fuckers...or theyīll come back praising God with a new scheme to make us more godly and easier to screw.

Your elections, your lives...and you know it...are all for sale now. capitalism would eventually come to this obscene point...Marx was right, so was Lenin. They didnīt have the answers but by Ashur they hit the diagnosis on the nailhead. When profit is the only thing that drives people and a country...it wonīt be long before Life itself will be sacrificed for one more buck...as odd as that might seem. But before Life goes...honor, self-respect, kindness, generosity, justice will all take a fatal hit.

Weīre standing on that threshold...look over the edge.

-- Iraqi Panch
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