I just grilled an Iraqi ex-pat

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Posted by Sadie from D007159.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Thursday, April 10, 2003 at 0:49AM :

Ali Mahmoud - an innocent looking sort of guy, but dumber than hell. Interesting how he was praising Bush.... & I told him, in front of the entire audience, that he better not trust the words of a powerful white man - that oil money that's supposed to rebuild Iraq already belongs to someone else, heads of corporations elsewhere. Powerful white men do this - they only honor the contracts that give them the most benefit, & even then, they will try to steal. Just you wait & see. Iraq will be languishing in poverty, waiting for that oil money to trickle in to help with the reconstruction costs, etc. - it won't - not one penny will see the average Iraqi's hands. & then the big white boys will start preaching the World Bank & IMF to the head dingleberries in Iraq, & that's when all the money that Iraq *doesn't* have will go down the drain. Iraq will stay languishing in poverty, only to get deeper & deeper into debt. It works like a charm. Those powerful white men are going to swish in there, saying they own everything & that Iraq OWES them - there's NO CONTRACT with the people of Iraq, saying that they will own the rights to their own oil wells. & even if there WAS a contract with them, there's no global police force to ensure that that contract would be honored. & the UN doesn't matter anymore, as you can see. SO, IRAQ IS SCREWED. Big time. Big powerful white man claims your resources & then digs your grave for you.

The opposition will be lucky if they don't get assassinated right off the bat & even one of them sees the bribe money they were promised.

DID YOU KNOW: that all the Ba'ath party leaders will be able to keep their positions in Iraq, as long as they swear allegiance to the U.S. government? HA! There goes your "regime change," Peter! The only change Iraq will see in regime is a change of face. & who's NOT going to be paranoid, like Saddam??? When you're given power by an outside power, you can bet your ass that there are going to be assassins on every street corner! It's going to stay a police state! Just you wait & see...

-- Sadie
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