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Posted by Iraqi Panch from ( on Thursday, April 10, 2003 at 11:19AM :

It was a power grab all along...I mean the past few decadesī "reawakening" of an interest in God. The abortion issue, prayer in school...these were all sideshows. The real point was getting the public firmly behind the notion that a belief in God went hand in hand with hating Commies, Arabs, "Free-Thinkers"...ecology...clean air and the rest of it.

As has happened so often in the past, on the coatails of God we see consumer protection done away with...we see environmental protection done away with..and the creation of a legion of hobgoblins has paved the way for the corporations to rob us blind in the name of protecting us and "our Godly way of life".

Youīll say it isnīt the fault of religion...but Iīll say, from the time of Constantine on, itīs been the main function of religion...not just an opiate as Marx said...but a goad and a prod complete with absolution by the gross for us to do the really dirty things we want to do anyway.

It isnīt too late. But it wont be by just voting someone else into office. We have to go back to the wisdom of the Founders in this one regard at least...they knew first hand the evils that religion could be put to...and they decided and decreed that a man or woman could believe whatever sublime nonsense they wanted to...but it was not to intrude on government policy at all.

The weasels among us have figured out that God makes a great smokescreen...and not until we reject every mention of a personīs religious beliefs or any consideration given to them whatsoever, including doing away with their tax-exemption (which is the main reason they are SO "holy)...will we deprive the sons of bitches of their main tool in getting their political and economic agenda shoved past us...and either up, or down, our arseholes.

-- Iraqi Panch
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