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Posted by iraqi pancho from customer-148-223-66-109.uninet.net.mx ( on Thursday, April 10, 2003 at 2:01PM :

Hanna Hajjar I mean...like what goes around doesn´t keep coming and coming and coming around...jackass!

Written by Hanna Hajjar on 05 Apr 2003 23:19:24:

We all heard about the city of Tikrit as being the birthplace of President Saddam Hussein, but not many people know about its history prior to the Arab conquest.

The name Tikrit comes from the Assyrian word Tigrit which means Trade/Commerce. Because Tigrit was a center of commerce long before the arrival of the Arab invaders; it was a caravan stop on the Silk Road between Europe and China. Tigrit was a flourishing Christian Assyrian city, and the See of the Mafrian.

Almost 1400 years ago when the Arab invaders arrived at the gates of Tigrit, and laid siege to the city, demanding that its population convert to Islam or be massacred, the leaders of the city held a meeting and discussed that demand, then they counter offered it with a more civilized offer.

The leaders of Tigrit, suggested that in order to save human lives on both sides, that they would have a dual between the best Arab fighter and the best Assyrian fighter. If the Assyrian fighter wins, then the Arab army would leave the Tigrit, and go away allowing its population to remain as Christian. And if the Arab fighter wins, then the whole population of Tigrit would convert to Islam without any blood shed. The Arabs agreed to that offer. The dual was set for the next morning, and the battle ground was chosen to be a location along the bank of the Tigris River.

On the Assyrian side, there was a famous warrior called SuteiH (Note: the last letter “H” is Het/Khet not He [it is the 8th letter of the Syriac alphabet, and not the 5th]), so he was chosen to represent Tigrit in this dual.

At sunrise, SuteiH was ready at the agreed upon location, and he was met with the best of the Arab fighters. The fierce dual lasted an hour or so, after which SuteiH was the victorious warrior. However that did not please the Arab invaders, so they breeched the agreement and sent another fighter to fight SuteiH. SuteiH continued to fight, and got rid of the second Arab fighter too. The Arabs sent a third warrior, and the outcome was the same. The Arabs kept on sending one warrior after another and in all cases SuteiH was coming out as the victorious one.

By sunset, The Arabs realized that they would not be able to overcome SuteiH on one-on-one basis, so they decided to attack him with all what they have, and they sent their whole army at SuteiH. When SuteiH realized that the balance of power was not in his favor, he decided to kill himself rather than surrender, or give the Arabs the pleasure of killing him. And SuteiH directed his horse towards the Tigris River, where he and his horse jumped into the River, drowning himself rather than surrendering to the Arab invaders.

When the Arab invaders realized that SuteiH was gone, they turned their swords on the Christian Assyrians inhabitants of the city, massacring every man, woman, and child in Tigrit. Later those same Arab invaders populated that city, and Saddam Hussein is one of the descendants of those Arabs that massacred the Assyrian inhabitants of Tigrit almost 1400 years ago.

Now, the soul of SuteiH, is calling for the soul of Saddam to avenge the massacre of Assyrians 1400 years later!

This was the story of Tikrit/Tigrit. What goes around comes around, even after 1400 years!

-- iraqi pancho
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