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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, April 10, 2003 at 2:54PM :

Yessir boys and germs, itīs that time of year again...the time to tackle what really cunts. Fresh from her victory in Iraq...where diddling the Whacky Rabby from Iraqi was instrumental in fine tuning him and by his own extension...securing victory for our boys...the Jackster and her Tart of a lawyer will be set to do whatever they do in court soon...

I realize this might seem hardly the time for personal things of this sort...but as the wise woman said..."war will always be with us...itīs how we fuck each other in between that counts." At the core of this tempest in a size "C" cup is the effort to break the grip our few moneyed people, who seek to turn cash into leadership, have enjoyed till now.

Jackie has sued me, sued Jeff, threatened to sue a few others, has sent intimidating letters via her Tart to a TV producer of ours...spread rumors about people and their marriages, about me and groceries and in short done all the usual dismal and mean spirited and bitchy things our men do to maintain their "power".

We called her bluff...though it cost some and come April 23rd weīll see if we pass "GO" and get to kick her arse in public. I will do absolutely nothing to get the judge to throw the case out. In fact Iīm considering helping them out in any way I can. If asked by the judge if Iīm not sorry I told the truth about Jackie, Iīll say, "hell no...I was going easy on her...wait till I tell you the REAL stuff".

With any luck at all theyīll pass onto a trial. Now usually people donīt bring these kinds of things to court...itīs too much of an embarrassment for the "cuntee" to be accused in open court by the "cunter". I donīt know what Jackie was thinking...I KNOW what her lawyer Shawn Leuthold was thinking, "EASY MONEY".

In the first place she canīt collect the judgement she already won by default of $130,000. In the second place, she isnīt going to collect any judgement she gets this time around...if she does...and this one will cost her a lot more NOT to get.

In the second place...sheīs handing me what I wanted all along...the chance to get to a larger audience and tell people just what sort of a thang she isnīt enough for Lincoln and the Whacky Rabby from Iraqy and me to know...the rest of us could use a peek into what makes those cheeks twitch.

Ordinarilly someone in my position would be weeping tears and trying to settle this thing out of court or agree to any ass kissing thing he could do to avoid the legal costs, never mind any judgement...but if I wouldnīt kiss it then...why do it now?

Her only shot is to get into court and win...or lose. Either way, I win. And if itīs tossed out...or she chooses not to pursue it...or she loses...guess whoīs gonna open up the other barrel and let her have it between her thighs? Figuratively speaking of which time she can sue me all over again.

-- pancho
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