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Posted by Alexander from ( on Friday, April 11, 2003 at 1:19AM :

There has got to be another way for me to see some intelligence sources or other inside information regarding the war in Iraq. Andreas, can you help me? I cannot find anything. They stopped producing intelligence articles at because of pressure from some governments or organizations. I really cannot stand being in the dark as to what is really happening. The media is lying by saying Iraq has ceded defeat. It is a lie, they have not retreated, they simply reestablished their positions and moved their command center from Baghdad to the northern parts. It is sort of like when Russia receded into its territory to drag the Germans inland to exhaust them. Let them come in to your territory, and once there is a large scale land battle, then attack from all sides, that is the concept being employed here. There has been no large scale ground battle yet. US is capitalizing on using the Iraqi Opposition to portray "liberated Iraqis" in Iraq. This is proven fact. How come the US soldiers are the only ones knocking down statues of Saddam Hussein if the Iraqi people are supposed to hate him so much? I haven't seen any Iraqis doing that yet, other then the Iraqi Opposition who was flown in and set up just for that purpose. The US controls nothing, only what has been "let go" by Iraqis for strategic reasons. They can put all the nonsense about "fall of Baghdad" etc on US newspapers, but the reality is, the war has not started yet, that is, there has been no real struggle yet, just occasional skirmishes between mechanised cavalry. Which I might make mention, the Iraqis always seemed to have the upperhand. Nevertheless, Iraq has not been taken, and it is naive to come to such conclusions based on one of the highest levels of propaganda I have ever known to exist- the US media and its correspondents.
Since the first day of the war the US has been saying Iraq has no control etc, not sure if Saddam is dead or not, Iraq has been taken, US controls 60% of Iraq- all lies related to financial pressures and not wanting to tell the truth to everyone else.
According to the US, Iraq had lost a number of towns and cities right away, yet today they still remain largely in Iraqi control. Iraq has not yet fought back. It has not used much of its air defense missiles or artillery, it has not used its main military much, nor its airforce, which consists of foxbats that are nearly impossible for the US to shoot down, it includes Mig-29s and some French planes as well. I believe Mirages. Now, Iraq has been preparing for war with the US for the last ten years, testing jammer devices and flying Mig-25s over "allied" territory to test their equipment's functions against "US-allied" technology. With the heavy amount of preparation taken throughout the years, do you think they simply vanished? I suppose like Assyria would have "vanished?" Lets be realistic, their withdrawal from Baghdad is not defeat, but restrategizing. I don't think the general public is qualified to make such assumptions, and that the only true test would be to see what really happens in the near future, for it is the commanders and leaders of these respective armies that are deciding the policies, not everyday people who know nothing about the real situation and fluctuate in mood regarding Iraq with any tidbit that sways positive or negative with the wind. Let the people involved in the real conflict act, then watch them, they are there, we are not- we know nothing about what is really happening. That is all I have to say.

And Andreas, if you can help me locate any informative sites, I would appreciate it.


-- Alexander
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