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Posted by Alexander from ( on Friday, April 11, 2003 at 1:43AM :

In Reply to: just like Afghanistan posted by Sadie from ? ( on Thursday, April 10, 2003 at 7:32PM :

I don't believe that. And this argument is not directed against you Saide, it's a general statement against the misconception of Iraqi "enslavement." The majority of IRaqis support him, lets just leave it at that. Oh, but don't use ex-patriates as examples of ex-Saddamis, for they are obviously against him. I don't care whether people hate or don't hate Saddam, the truth is this war is not about him. I just don't like misconceptions that the general iraqi populace hates Saddam. People should not speak for entire nations unless having associated in that nation and its people in all walks of life and with unbiased judgement. Iraqis want him there, so they obviously support him. I have plenty of evidence for this, and if you or someone could prove me otherwise, I would be likely to consider that information. However, try not to use any "opposition" or ex-patriate sources, and of course not US or UK sources, for the obvious reasons. Saddam is no angel, but last time I checked, to rule a country of many nationalities and divisions, you have to maintain a certain level of control and authority. Didn't Khamurapi do that? Didn't Assryians do that? My goodness, and how they perfected it, what human skins they brought home. So lets not be too harsh on certain leaders, if we do not consider others as harshly as well, for instance the central American govts supported by US or South Korea or Japan. You try to speak against the govt there- then you'll see what happens. Japan was first ever to use biological warfare, dropping fleas infected with bubonic plague and three other diseases. It was all covered up by the US after world war II- thus, I highly doubt the US has anything against biological weapons, seeing that is has the highest stores of these weapons in the world. Hmm.... perhaps we should all step back and see the clear picture. From an unbiased viewpoint, without all the clutter provided by propaganda.

Then we see:
A country being invaded, gearing for sieges and counterstrokes- hmmm.... seems to me like there is great unity and order, not characteristic of a country ruled by a supposed madman.

(Note: Sadie, this is not directed at you, but posted for general purposes)

-- Alexander
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