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Posted by Iraqi Panch from ( on Friday, April 11, 2003 at 2:56PM :

Letīs get focused.

There have been many wars...most of them unjust, all of them bloody and all of them involving innocent people. The lesson is that none of us are innocent any longer...that a uniform is just one sort of uniform.

America is made up of lots of ethnic groups, the majority of whom have had to watch their new country attack their old one. Itīs part of the price of becomming American, either through naturalization or by being born here.

Sooner or later necessity will dictate an attack on some region of the world that has what America wants...what it says it needs in order to give you a job...for a few years.

Those of Latin descent especially know how bitter it is to be American and become a part of Americaīs attack against your homeland...where your relatives may yet live...or your ancestors are buried.

Itīs our turn now. We are Americans. There is much to love and cherish about being American...there is much that would have disgusted George Washington and Benjamin Bush for instance.

What do we do now, now that itīs out turn to live with the knowledge that those celebrations in the streets are celebrating the clobbering of our homelands and people. Blood is thicker than Immigration documents...or it used to be.

If we take the Long View, itīs about time we addmitted we are all Earthlings. That where we were born, where we moved to, where our passports were issued from, doesnīt matter as much as that we are of this planet, of this earth. More and more, whatever happens to damage the globe and its inhabitants at one end, will wind up touching everyone.

The Judeo/Christians especially donīt want to admit this for it will diminish their franchise by making us all into our brothers and sistersī keepers. Whether American or African or Chinese or Christian Arab...soon enough and maybe through some global catastrophe...weīre going to have to rid outselves of the hostility and hatred bred up in us that allows us to think in terms of killing other people to benefit ourselves.

It will have to happen. No matter how strong the US military or economy, or anyone else for that matter...when the peasants have had enough, no force on earth can stop them.

King Looey of France could have known that...could have refreshed his knowledge of history and seen that no tyrant and no empire can withstand the hatred it generates over time.

Think weīll learn? NaaaaH!

Those of us who have an especial care for BetNahrain can keep an eye on what happens there...can mobilize ourselves into a lobby group to protect the people and the lands. We can do anything the Jews can...we always did, and we did it better.

We just didnīt go in for killing innocent children in order to derive a benefit. Not till we came to America that is.

Say it loud and say it proud...Saddam DID NOT kill those 500,000 Iraqi children...Uncle Shmoel did.

-- Iraqi Panch
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