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Posted by Iraqi Panch from ( on Friday, April 11, 2003 at 3:15PM :

Judge Upholds 'Dolphin-Safe' Definition
(AP) - A federal judge has upheld the current definition of the "dolphin-safe" tuna label and barred the Bush administration from altering it, handing a victory for environmentalists. The ruling Thursday by U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson prevents the government from labeling tuna "dolphin safe" if fishermen encircled the dolphins to make the tuna catch.

***This is what it was all for...what it has always been all for. Take god and abortion and prayer in schools and crime waves and "Just Say NO" and throw them all out...except those are the means by which the right judges and commission heads get into office.

***This judge just may find himself labelled un-American real soon...his garbage sifted through...his family scrutinized.

***Follow the money...always follow the money. The "victory" didnīt go to Environmentaloists...what do they get out of it? The news is that a defeat was handed to corporations. THEY know what they lost...not the chance to "improve your childīs diet", but to improve their bottoms...fuck the dolphins, fuck the tuna and most of all, FUCK YOU!

-- Iraqi Panch
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