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Posted by Jeff from ( on Friday, April 11, 2003 at 8:52PM :

Editorial Note: A sane man tries to tell Peter that christian evangelists in Iraq are unnecessary. You already know his response.

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Re: Let Iraqis Exercise Free will

Posted By: Peter BetBasoo <> (
Date: Friday, 11 April 2003, at 2:47 p.m.

In Response To: Let Iraqis Exercise Free will (StarDrifter (Asshur))

: If Iraq adopts a truly Democratic form of
: Government, then they should be free to make
: their own choices. They don't need an Army
: of rejects from 100 different Christian
: denominations to proselytize and divide
: them. If Christianity is the better
: religion, as you say, fine, but let everyone
: discover that for themselves. You don't have
: to twist their arms, let them exercise their
: free will and discover it themselves.
: StarDrifter (Asshur)

What planet are you living on? First, there is a death penalty for conversion AWAY from Islam. Second, who will bring the Christian word but a Christian? How is the Iraqi suppose to make the free choice if the choice is never presented to him in the first place? Third, you need to stop, step back and think about your cultural heritage. In the final analysis, you as an Assyrian are shaped by your Christianity and your Christian heritage, and before that your glorius pre-Christian (and pre-Arab/Muslim) heritage, and that has much more in common with ANY OTHER Christian of the world than with any Muslim.

I am for a secular, democratic Iraq, in which people of all race, creed and religion can live in freedom and with freedom of choice. As it stands now, there is no such thing, and there are severe Muslim penalties for inter-faith marriages and conversion. This is not freedom of worship. When a Muslim is free to convert without fear of death, when a Muslim woman can marry a Christian (and convert), when a Christian has equal protection in the eyes of the law, then we will have a truly free society.

-- Jeff
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