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Posted by Disgusted from ( on Friday, April 11, 2003 at 11:56PM :

War is hell, and so is everyday life. I wonder how it is that people settle into their routines so easily, going to markets and shops whether in the US or Iraq. People say that war is terrible, yet everyday is war. People act like Desert Storm was a real war. People believe this was a war as well, when no war has yet been fought- at least, not as far as I am concerned. And maybe Iraqi military and government will say, "Ah, they have won, let us leave." Obviously I don't believe that. But I wanted to put that in so that someone doesn't say I am jsut shooting off nonsense that Iraq will fight back, etc. I am not in a position to make such an analysis, and I am not trying to give any sort of analysis period. I am saying, however, that people die everyday. My goodness, I am shocked when people are "traumatized" by things. Is it just me, or are people really weak little creatures who writhe at the sight of blood. Where is the fire in anyone's blood? What is it with these people looting Iraq, have they no respect for anything- their country is being attacked, and their homes targeted, and whether they like the government or not, certainly they are not resisting the occupation. And so what, they steal from themselves? These people are the same types who eventually turn "ex-patriates." I know what Iraqis are like, and although there are some toughies out there who are what I can consider warriors, there are plenty who are soft as cotton. There are those who wave money in front of cameras in order to get US dollars for dinars, rather then doing something useful for their country, whether they support their government or not. I am SICKENED by such weakness. However, I must say a few things:

Iraq has had a change in plans. That is, they intended to defend Baghdad, but for unknown reasons left for Tikrit. Now, I could be wrong, and if so, someone please let me know. I have come to learn this through a series of sources over the last months leading to the aggression on Iraq. I have learned that the communications of Iraq were not targeted successfully by the coalition airstrikes, and that the Airforce of Iraq is in "hiding" since they[Iraqis] intend to rule their country again. This fact is also the reason they did not destroy their oil wells, they intend to be successful against the occupation of Iraq. Damn these idiots who value funiture over their livelihood and comrades in Iraq. Somehow, I cannot be but reminded sharply of how this contrasts with the Cubans who leave Cuba, including their supposed 'loved' ones, in order to seek materialism in a capitalist state. I cannot help believe that these types of people fit the opposite end of the spectrum where I contrast people with backbones and worms. Wait and see what happens in a short time, if the occupation lasts, see what the Iraqis do- even those deplorable "iraqis" who steal from their neighbors will become dissenters. It will not be long before the few who actually believe Saddam was for the worst, will realize that the US is worse than any government, mostly because it will try to set up only profit centers. They don't want to deal with real issues like hospital care or education- heck, they don't even do that here! And then the people(the minority who is against Saddam) will say that some government was better than no government.

-- Disgusted
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