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Posted by What's in a name? from ( on Saturday, April 12, 2003 at 0:24AM :

Okay, I don't have respect for historians or archaeoligists, but I must admit they come in handy sometimes.

Khamurapi, amorite from Iraq(Babylonia), who ruled the way Saddam does. He ruled Iraq(Babylonia) as a whole, not like Assyrians who ruled more in favor of Assyrians, or like Chaldeans who ruled according to their rites only. In a country of many nations, Iraq is nearly impossible to maintain as a unified statehood. So Khamurapi and Saddam have both had to employ measures to secure their authority, in order to unify their people, their country- and the US hates that kind of unity, because they like to capitilize on factions in order to have the dirty work done for them. Khamurapi died, he had successors, eventually Iraq fell into the control of different factions due to different pressures- I believe they were outside pressures but I don't know, nor care- the point is that this is what happened afterward:
Exactly the sort of thing happening now. Supposedly, people sold their plots of land, Iraq(Babylonia) was in essence carved up into many many plots of land and sold to landowners who added these tracts to their own estates, and strangely enough, Iraq was ruled by no one, and existed in the form of rich landowners. However, there were slight influences from other governments. Eventually, that changed, and once again the enjoyable saga of "I'll take you over, and then you take me over- then we'll laugh about all the people who died for our 'causes'" resumed its traditional role. If you compare these actions with today's you might see some similarities. It's already happening, people carving up different tracts of land for oil and so forth. Just wait, it gets better- the factions are getting along now because they are with their 'liberators,' But jsut you wait till they resume their agendas, that is, their own agendas, as I must emphasize, and want to seize control of Iraq for themselves. Then you can sit back and relax, watch as the heroic deeds of factions unfold. The nationalism and dircetly proportional aggression from each faction will soar. That is when I suggest you get out your popcorn and sprinkle some baby Iraqis' blood over it, and watch and munch as the humane and sophisticated process of "peaceful interventions" and "simple rivalry of factions" take place. Oh please, I just can't wait for the Iraqi government to restore order. Sheesh, what was all this for- what did it all come down to, this aggression, for oil? Anyway I don't honestly expect anyone to read this post, nor do I care, I posted it simply to vent .000001978087% of my feelings regarding this issue. If I may seem a bit crude at times, forgive me. If I seem a bit insensitive or even ignorant by my nonsensical rants that even I don't wholeheartedly believe, such as when I speak of sprinkling baby's blood on popcorn or when I speak of rival factions, don't judge me too harshly. Frankly, I am not in the mood for posting something that makes any sense, I am not in any mindset for posting period. I just had nothing to do at the moment and so blabbed something out. I oversimplified the actual situation, and many times said things that are not at all entirely accurate, like about what will happen to Iraq in the near future- and that is because I am more interested in "venting" then "explaining" anything. I should really have titled this post "Don't bother reading this."
Good day to those who suffered through reding this, and wasted their time-

-- What's in a name?
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