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Posted by Rediculous nonsense from ( on Saturday, April 12, 2003 at 0:28AM :

I just cannot believe the nonsense people allow to have shoved down their throat. Just fill me with lies they say, just tell me what you want me to hear. I cannot understand some people, the garbage they enjoyable eat.

Now, for an apology. I am sorry for those of you who thought my posts were at once polite and actually intelligible, perhaps even interesting as well. Nonetheless, these posts have been of depolrable nature, unintelligible, and entirely unlike me. I am just typing because I am capable of doing so and only for that reason, even as I type I think of the pointlessness of these keystrokes. Yes, I am a peculiar character. I must admit. I guess you guys need someone to counteract your normalcy every once in a while. I will resume my normal style from now on. That style is, of course, just me. Blah blah blah, if I have not said enough nonsense for the day now, I think I will head in. Good night.

-- Rediculous nonsense
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