War Is Wronmg And All That Rot

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Posted by Iraqi Panch from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Saturday, April 12, 2003 at 2:48PM :

If the world was left with one body of fresh water...weīd fight over it. Thatīs the way these guys view...not oil...but money-to-be-made...THAT is their "scarce resource"...they arenīt IN LOVE with oil...or tuna fish...or diamonds...they are enamored of MONEY...and they canīt print it up themselves...WE give it to them.

There is oil yet...plenty and when it runs out weīll adapt. The resource these guys want is money and power...same thing it always was. They convince you you need something, that itīs running out...and youīre ready to go kill for it.

They get their power from us...they get their income from the product we buy...or our taxes go to. We giveth...we could taketh away.

Marching and getting shot at is all fine and good...but so what? Aside from making you feel like you "did" something...whatīs the point? We "ended" Vietnam by marching...so we thought. So what...there hasnīt been a worse Vietnam since then? Nothing changed because we didnīt. We still want it all and we want our consciences assuaged at the same time.

Contradiction in terms...impossible.

The way to break their backs is to refuse them our income...thatīs all. We donīt need to break their banks...or rather just denying them one percent will do the job over leveraged and the CEOīs are all trying to rip off their own companies cause they arenīt "theirs" any longer.

The American economy is a paper tiger...one shove and it has to re-invent itself...and if we donīt stop being bamboozled so easily over religion...weīre never going to have the smarts to catch theives and scoundrels only slightly less obvious than the Pope and all that unholy crew of Mullahs.

-- Iraqi Panch
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