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Posted by Alexander from ( on Sunday, April 13, 2003 at 0:17AM :

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URGENT: Bloodshed in Iraq, no time to celebrate

Posted By: Western Assyrian <> (
Date: Saturday, 12 April 2003, at 9:34 p.m.

After receiving first hand knowledge from Baghdad through a Global Satelite phone the events unfolding are apparently a lot worse than what is perceived on the news. This is not an anti-war post, there is no debate here...
Civilian casualties are adding up like never before. This is not news to many of us, however a GREAT majority of them are coming from Coalition troops and tanks that can not decipher between civilians and Fedayeen or republican guard troops. One account has been of a sniper firing at american troops and relocating. In defence a tank rotated it's aim and fired at a civilian car killing the family members rushing to get food and medicine.

A 12 year old boy was accidently shot by troops after jumping on the streets. His mother rushing to his aid was gunned down and lay dead next to him.

Ethnic clashes are taking place as we speak. Shi'a are taking revenge against Sunna very violently.

Any occupied area in Baghdad by coalition troops is barbwired and the residents are not allowed to leave.

Looting is even going on house to house, but a majority are taking place at presidential palaces.

Baghdad museum wasn't just looted. The savages that stormed in took assyrian artifacts (which by the way are supposedly protected under the Geneva convention) and smashed them on the ground. Some of the art and plaques dated over 7000 years.

The district of Dorah in Baghdad is on fire. Many are fleeing to nearby hotels to get away from the bullets flying by their houses daily.

Civilian bodies are piling up all around the city. There is not much room for them in hospitals and medicines are not sufficient to admit anymore patients so their bodies rot in the streets.


Do not think this war is over. It is in chaos. My personal friend just learned his cousin and uncle were blown up in their car by a US tank. The remaining defecting cousin at the young age of 24 was told by a neighbour that his father and brother's bodies were rotting in the streets so he buried them in his backyard because the churches are out of commission and probably ransacked.

These are the realities of this so called "liberation"...think to yourselves for a minute if it is really worth all the chaos....

Pray for peace in this war devastated nation. We were the first to embrace Christianity, let God hear our prayers...

Note from Alexander:
This is only a fraction of what I was trying to tell you guys about. That the war is not even begun. That the US pretends to occupy Baghdad, yet it needs to seal the tiny areas that it really does occupy with perimeter fences. This is a fraction of what is going on. I am glad to have seen this on AINA. Also, Since I am not sure whether it is "ethical" to post someone else's posting on another forum, remember this can always be deleted if necessary... This is for you Fred.:)

-- Alexander
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