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Posted by Jeff from d53-152-230.try.wideopenwest.com ( on Sunday, April 13, 2003 at 3:12PM :

The looting of our Fathers' Artifacts

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Written by Webmaster on 13 Apr 2003 20:18:38:

The darkest day in the history of Iraq took place when thugs and low lives sacked 170,000 pieces of our Chaldean/Babylonian and Sumerian Fathers artifacts from the Iraqi Museum in Baghdad, and others looted completely the Assyrian artifacts in Nineveh Museum..

what a devastation, what a tragedy, what a crime.

No amount of weeping and lamenting would undo what happened to our history, our link to our ancient Fathers, and our own idenity.

Today, we stand as a deeply wounded nation angry with itself, angry with the thugs who were allowed to do their sinister acts under the eyes of the occupying forces.

We have only one thing left to do, to keep Iraq's borders closed, and to track down each and every filthy thug whose hands dirt our Fathers' work and bring them to justice, and for them I suggest only one sentence.. death.


-- Jeff
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