I want to Burn the Flag

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Posted by Warrior Empress from host-62-135-24-3.link.net ( on Tuesday, April 15, 2003 at 1:50PM :

I want to burn the flag, and bury it in the sand,
I want to smolder our ignorance, and scorch our self destruction
I want to eradicate our hate.

I want to destroy our division, and our arrogance
Obliterate our callousness,
Wipe out our ceaseless tears.

I want to demolish our hesitance
Abolish our pestilence,
Oh you who astonish me.

Annihilate your greed,
Devastate your lust,
Terminate your weed,
Exterminate your mistrust.

Tear down the misperceptions,
Raze the pre-conceived notions,
Damage the suffocating moulds,
Defeat the internal folds.

I want to crush the facades,
Overthrow the social niceties,
Overcome the all absorbing, infinitely encompassing, trembling, paralyzing fear.

I want to burn the flag, and bury it in the sand....

And I want to plant a tree.

-- Warrior Empress
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