Right on Q & Sadie.

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Posted by Middle Finger from dsc06-chc-il-4-155.rasserver.net ( on Tuesday, April 15, 2003 at 11:25PM :

In Reply to: Good point, Qasrani posted by Sadie from D007090.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Tuesday, April 15, 2003 at 9:52PM :

i believe that's exactly what the US' plan is...to make the iraqis look like desperate fucking savages and get them to a point where everyone will see that the US, in goodwill of course, will be there to bestow on the order and democracy, just like all white western powers do.

the other day, i had this infurioriating conversation with my indian friend. he made a comment that probably tops the list of "The Stupidest Things Ever Said." We were discussing the Iraq War of course. i said that the US had no business being in that country, after it's been oppressing it for the past 12 yrs....and then when it is at its lowest, it comes into save it? that's a great time to take over a country chock full of resources other countries need...they divide and destroy and conquer...they're continuing their 19th century expansion....anyway, he goes onto say that the US was in Iraq for security reason, which we all know is bogus. he said that the middle east is a hot bed of idiots with zeal (no that's not #1 on the list of "The Stupidest Things EVer Said"). i, of course, say that the US is the same. he then says (ok, prepare yourself because this is it-*drumroll*)

"but we are compassionate conquerors."

what kills me the most is that he said "we," as if his dark indian ass was part of the WASP population. no matter how much he denies his indian roots, no matter how starchy white his collar is, no matter how expensive his suits are, my indian friend will always be a savage darkie to these compassionate conquerors. he'll never be white enough.

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