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Posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, April 16, 2003 at 7:33PM : them Hippy days of old when people came up to San Francisco and checked into the Hyatt Hotel, driving their daddy´s car...changing into leather fringe and beaded cards in their leather much of a real change in America they could handle.

How many of those who wanted us out of Vietnam and out of Latin America (and one day Powell will apologize for trashing Iraq...they always say they are sorry when it doesn´t matter) and out of Africa and out of Asia...really knew what it would mean. Where did they think their lifestyle came much of it was earned honestly, without robbing the people of the world?

America is a wealthy nation still...but it makes more sense to cut down someone else´s use someone else´s send those polluting factories to countries where they have no eco we do our makes sense to steal from and abuse those who are weaker.

It really isn´t necessary...if our CEO´s would be content with a sane return, or salaries and compensation...there would be work in America, making products made in America...from materials in America...or bought at a fair price from elsewhere.

We have a "Service Economy" or poor, manager or line worker...we are "Servants", serving fewer and fewer and richer and richer people.

The Republicans got us there again...back to the 50´s when no one dared oppose them for fear of being labelled "soft" on Communism, till we were willing to commit every crime against humanity and break every law...then it was, "soft on crime", until we have more prisons than schools and more prisoners than ever...and now it will be, "soft on Terror", when we will designate ethnic groups and other religions as inherently evil. The Opposition won´t dare oppose...they´ll try to, "work with"...which means one Party will screw slightly less than the other.

Who will dare to stand up and tell it straight and plain...which corporations will fund a sure "loser" will that person survive only one add that shows the World Trade Center, before and after, and asks of Senator Dildo, "Will HE save our next big building???"

-- panch
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