Manee brayyishlee min daha mota?

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Posted by Warrior Empress from ( on Friday, April 18, 2003 at 6:36PM :


Ley qablanneh shooharakh
In ley makhzeeyatleh qatee

Min rookhakh
Min libakh

Dimat aynee narakh
Marra go sadree tooranakh
Kpantee leeshanakh
Khdootee shimmakh

Bayyan shammanneh aha shimma tleeqa,
tmeera go daha arr'a

La baqritlee libee eeka peesheleh
La baqritlee dakhee khleeseleh

Oop ze ley yattet takhmanyatee
O khoolmani

Qam khazanakh go khoolmi
Eena leyn wah dmikhta

Leeshanee miyaneywah min tkhartakh
Libee khleeseywah min makhnetakh
Aynee dimmaneywah min khzeytakh
Rookhee mleeteywah min shooprakh

Leywan moonsheetakh

Noorat khoolmani biqyadeynah takhmanyatee
Bikhlaseynah libee
Mamrooyenah paghree

Hal eeman peyshan zlimta?
Dakheep machkhannah dooktee?
Hal eeman peyshan dmikhta?
Oo manee brayyishlee min daha motah?

Qam yawannoo kooloo qatakh
Ley madaratloo qatee?

Manee brayyishlee min daha mota?


I wont accept your "shooharah"
If you do not reveal it to me

From your heart and from your

The tears that fall from my eyes are your rivers,
The pain in my chest your mountains,
My hunger is your tongue,
My joy your name.

I want to hear this lost name
buried as it is in the earth.

Please don't ask me where I left my heart,
Please don't ask me why it clenches...

And you don't even know my thoughts,
and my dreams.

I see you in my dreams,
but I am not asleep.

My tongue was moist with your rememberance,
My heart was clenched longing for you,
My eyes wet at the very sight of you,
My soul filled with your beauty

I have not forgotten you.

The fire of my dreams burn my thoughts,
Clench my heart,
Hurt my body.

For how much longer will I remain repressed?
How will I find my place?
For how much longer will I remain asleep?
And who will wake me from this death?

My life,
My soul,
My heart,
I gave all to you.
Will you not return them?

Who will wake me from this death?

-- Warrior Empress
-- signature .

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