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Posted by Jeff from ( on Saturday, April 19, 2003 at 11:04PM :

Editorial Note:

Like Fred/panch always says... One Assyrian Women can take on 10 Assyrian "Men".

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Posted By: Qasrani <> (free-ppp049.MODEMS.CWRU.Edu)
Date: Saturday, 19 April 2003, at 3:34 p.m.

you aren't a moderator, you are a censorer. So, I commend you for raising your level of discrete insult to this level. I'm so disgusted by you, Peter. You have shown me just how little respect you have for any opinion that doesn't meld with your own. In the end, this is your site.

This isn't a news agency website, it's a damned propoganda site.

So, on that note, I will leave you and your site.

Come back, Fred Aprim! We're finally all gone! Tony was banned and Qasrani leaves by her own volition.

Good luck to the rest of the regular posters. May you get what you wish for, as the old gypsey curse goes.



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Re: Moderator

Posted By: Peter BetBasoo <> (
Date: Saturday, 19 April 2003, at 7:50 p.m.

In Response To: Moderator (Qasrani)

Your specific message was politely deleted, and you were informed publicly of the fact.

This is not an anti-American forum. I recall two weeks ago you posted a message about indicting President Bush for war crimes. Do you see the absurdity of this?

There are many other forums for all kinds of views. THIS forum is about Assyrians.

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Re: To Qasrani

Posted By: Fred Aprim (
Date: Saturday, 19 April 2003, at 6:37 p.m.

In Response To: Moderator (Qasrani)


Whether I come back or not is not something that you will decide. When I left, I stated that I was going to resume posting under two situations. First, after the war was over, or second, after certain people, especially the fellow Tony who was posting nothing but garbage unrelated to Assyrians, have left. The war was over days ago and I resumed posting while you were still posting here. So your coming and going has nothing to do with whether I post or not.

For you to have stated that I left because I could not stand an argument or later to have stated that what I posted about the six Assyrians being in the Kirkuk interim authority was hearsay, will not effect my credibility. I am who I am through what I write and every person builds his/her credibility with time. The post today about the six Assyrians of Kirkuk appointed for the transitional period, MENTIONED BY NAME, proves that I do not tolerate hearsay and never propagated it as many on this forum know that. Credibility is not gained over night; it is earned by example over long period of time.

Months ago, I decided not to get involve in back and forth useless arguments. It was a waste of time; certainly of my time especially in these crucial times. First, I am involved in several projects and assignments and last thing I needed was to argue about an issue that none of us had the power upon its outcome. Secondly, I do not appreciate anybody who betrays his/her country and who defends a thug that ruled by the sheer mean of power. It is outrageous to see us fleeing Iraq because of what we have experienced in that country, only to find few among us later defending the regime that was the reason for our dispersion. It is outrageous to see people like Tony travelling to Iraq and being sort of Saddam's propaganda. Tony BeitMalo is lucky that I do not hold certain authority in this country, because if I did I would have shown him where to go and make similar respected and dignified living that he is making in this blessed country. There is no justification for actions like those in my book. Finally, whether I can hold an argument or not will not be decided by you ... my writings speaks loud for themselves.

Peter's position is something that I definitely do not envy. He has to make some of the hardest decisions and he has to make them considering many important factors. Freedom is something people like Peter do appreciate. He was very considerate towards you, and he still is. He respected your rights even when certain people asked for the banning of you and those so-called peace activists. But there must be a limit for this. You know, the western world has failed badly to grasp the essence of freedom. Freedom is a commitment and an obligation; it is not Fred chaotic world.

Someone in society must uphold some sort of limits for free speech, otherwise society will live by the rule of the jungle. Many have tried hard to draw that line between what is permitted and what is protected, it is an easy thing to do at all. I believe that few here have crossed all reasonable lines. Sadly, many do not value freedom because they have not experienced suppression; I wish every person in his/her life time had the chance to live both experiences so that they really appreciate this precious thing we call FREEDOM.

Good luck to you.

-- Jeff
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