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Posted by Iraqi Panch from ( on Monday, May 05, 2003 at 6:54PM :

The rapid disintegration of Iraq's armed forces at the conclusion of Operation Iraqi Freedom created a disastrous vacuum in authority and security for the people of Iraq.

***The only vacuum here is in the heads of Firas Jones and Petey Betjizzim. The whole thing was deliberate...GEE, what about that dam at Ashur? Thank GADS it wont be built NOW!

In Baghdad alone, news coverage of widespread looting and near anarchy were matched only by Kurdish terror raids into Mosul and Karkuk that erupted into full fledged ethnic firefights.

***Did the Western Christian raids and murder of Iraqis over the last 13 years mean nothing? Did you jerks really think there would be peace once the Christians rode in waving the bloody cross of Jesus?

***Maybe some of you dimwits will realize that in the beginning when Saddam tried to rule that place, he did a lot to suppress religious nuts...Christians especially who go on and on about how they are the ONLY and TRUE Assyrians and WANT THEIR COUNTRY BACK.

***You donīt think America intends to allow religious strife to fan into flames over there? CAN you be that stupid? Dumb question.

***We return you to your regular programming...some Bishop somewhere did a nasty.

-- Iraqi Panch
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