Open Letter To Officer Guerra

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Posted by Farid from ( on Thursday, May 08, 2003 at 8:30PM :

Would you mind please getting off your arse...reading on here looking for un-patriotic Americans through which you might build a distinguished career...and do your job...come here and arrest this cocksucker Chance Reynolds.

I found him...I photoigraphed him...I followed him...I made sure he would be here...and all this while I have been harrassed and harried...even made to look like the bad guy...and yes, they ARE reading here!

If this doesnīt matter to any of is very important to the health and safety of my children. If you will not come and Interpol will not not blame me for doing what I can in the meantime.

But I think you are treating people who risk their lives and the lives of their families to do the right thing very poorly...Chance may not be a priority to you...but he is to me.

Please do not take your time any longer. I am as sorry as I can be that Bush treated Fox so badly...but I think it would help all of you, all of us... if we put that aside for now and get this guy put away...for all our sakes.

Are you saying you DONīT want help from civilians? With all due respect, it was a tip from one of "us" that broke the Washington sniper case...letīs work together. It will make for a better world for your children, as well as mine.

"Sleepless in San Miguel"

-- Farid
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