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Posted by Sadie from ? ( on Friday, May 09, 2003 at 4:26PM :

In Reply to: Don't lift the sanctions yet! posted by Sadie from ? ( on Friday, May 09, 2003 at 3:52PM :

Iraqis should DEMAND reparations for ALL reconstruction costs & to eliminate the grave humanitarian situation. Of course, that won't happen when the puppets of the U.S. are installed. &, again, Iraqi oil should be nationalized, with the funds going into health care, welfare, education, & infrastructure upkeep. It has to be fought for (verbally) in the , but I think it can be made to work out this way, if whoever is in charge of Iraq next genuinely cares about their people & can make alliances with other big powers (who would act as counterbalances against U.S. government pressure).

& NEVER trust any formerly employed CIA or FBI agents that still work for the U.S. government - they are still pawns.

On another note, the other day I was having a discussion with one of my close girlfriends, who is an ardent Democrat. As for me - I'm green. :) Anyway, it was so interesting because she actually said that in some sense the citizens of Iraq deserved what they got, because they "never could get their act together." Stunned that these words would EVER come out of her mouth, I responded by telling her that she was merely spouting out more U.S. government propaganda - that "Arabs" (everyone in the Mid East) are incapable of thinking in a democratic way & need to be "helped" & "enlightened" as to the ways of the West. I asked her what she knew of Iraq's situation before the Gulf War, how developed Iraq was before the war, & did she know how much sanctions & war have affected that population so that they are barely surviving? I continued on by quoting some facts & figures I'd learned over the past few years (thanks to Voices in the Wilderness, family & you guys, & other sources), until *finally* she got it. It's just another example of how the leadership of the Democratic Party are not protesting strong enough against a Republican maneuver (in this case, the attack against Iraq), & how this allows the Democratic following to conform even more to a Republican principle.

-- Sadie
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