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Posted by Jeff from ( on Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 2:34PM :

Declaration by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba

Last May 12, the United States Mission to the United Nations in New York, sent a communication to our Mission to the United Nations, informing that seven Cuban diplomats had engaged in activities, deemed harmful to the United States, outside their official capacity.

The Note states that, unless Cuba provides information to justify a contrary result within 48 hours, it will be requested that arrangements be made for the expeditious departure from the United States of the seven members of the Mission and their families. Evidently, it is the first stage of the operation to expulse, without any reason, our diplomats from New York.

Later, on May 13, the US State Department communicated to our Interest Section in Washington, its decision to declare seven Cuban diplomats “persona non grata” and give them 10 days to leave the country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejects this new aggressive escalation by the US government against our country and our diplomatic representations in Washington and New York.

With these actions, the US government proves, once again, that it has openly undertaken a provocative and interfering course against Cuba.

This arbitrary decision is another proof that, as repeatedly denounced by our government, a plan against Cuba is being carried out, aimed at sabotaging the Migratory Agreements, create a crisis and enhance a confrontation between the two countries. The expulsion of the Cuban diplomats is aimed at causing an escalation to end in the closure of the Interests Sections in both countries, as the terrorist groups of the anti-Cuban mafia in Miami have historically claimed for.

The US government intends to affect the prestige of Cuban diplomacy, at the same time it shows its frustration for recent defeats at the Commission on Human Rights, in Geneva, and at the United Nations Economic and Social Council, where Cuba was newly elected as member of such Commission.

The expulsion of 14 Cuban diplomats is an irrational vengeance act carried out by the US government against Cuba. It is a sign of the increasing desperation of the extremist sectors claiming for the strengthening of the blockade and new aggressions against the people who they have not been able to bring to its knees after more than forty-four years of heroic resistance.

Cuba shall not be intimidated with this or any other provocation. Cuba will not renounce to its struggle for independence and sovereignty. Cuba is certain of being right and that it relies on the unity and struggling decision of its entire people.

Cuba will take the necessary time to respond to this new provocation by the US government.

Minister of Foreign Affairs

May 13, 2003.

-- Jeff
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