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Posted by farid from ( on Thursday, May 15, 2003 at 6:37PM :

In Reply to: another thing posted by Sadie from ? ( on Thursday, May 15, 2003 at 2:17PM :

I appreciate your concern, but what is the alternative? There is no such thing as being "safe" if you arenīt willing to do something to ensure the safety of all. What does this SARS thing show us but that we are more connected than we like to admit.

I have been spoken of on TV here as an Iraqi "undesirable"...the manager would not let these people use the word "terrorist", but would I undesirable Iraqi DOCTOR?...the Americans here believe there is an Iraqi terrorisat loose among them and I think that suits Bush just fine...let the real criminal walk free among the people here, get the innocent person because he serves a "higher purpose"...I have overheard people in cafes. I have to go on to tell my side...itīs all I can do. When we become afraid to be free, if we believe it comes at no price, and I donīt mean getting a hangnail shooting innocent civillians in some impoverished and abused land somewhere...I mean right here where we all live, whether actually within the borders or not, then we might as well be dead, so whereīs the loss? America is itīs Constitution, it is not the Ten is not the bible, it is not any religion I donīt care how pure or true. America is about the rule of law...but if the law is changed into something else...then it is STILL about the rule of law...but it is not about justice and fair play necessarily.

In every Facist country the laws were changed first, then everyone can go on being Law-Abiding. These are all tricks of the trade to keep people infantile and my own childrenīs safety will not be ensured if I go along to get along.

I love America and our Constitution too much to let it be smeared with the oily hands of nothing more than greedy, ravenous and mean people.

Hope to see you still.

-- farid
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