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Posted by Lump On The Hill... from ( on Sunday, May 18, 2003 at 1:02PM :

The Federales shot Iris...your one daughterīs dog...shes under a baby blanket rotting in your yard. Your horse...I mean MY horse, Hurrican has been dug up by the dogs and there are bones scattered all over the place...and pieces of hide and entrails. You left a mother cat and her four kittens locked in a room to starve to death...your other dogs who are lucky they werenīt left behind with only a dead horse to eat, covered in quicklime. There is a stench of rotting death at your old house...which is fitting because you have done nothing your whole lives but trick people, steal from people, thenīrun and leave a trail of destruction behind you.

The worst thing about the two of you is that you rob people of their trust and willingness to help they tried to help you, only to be slimed by you. Iīm pleased to tell you that on the last night we stayed at the hotel...where weīd gone because my daughter was having nightmares and my wife chest pains...I was hailed to a stop by a young Mexican family...three young children, one of them an infant...and their uncle...whoīd gone shopping for shoes at Leon and locked their valuables and cash in the truck of their old car...only to be a variant of the kind of sleazeballs you two are.

In broken English the mother asked me for any help I might be willing to give...they needed two tankfulls of gas to get back home...about $70.00 US. I gave them what I had, about $15.00, told them to wait there...went back to the hotel and drained us of cash, which I returned to them...the woman pressed me to get her address and number...or to give mine...I said that wasnīt necessary...shook their hands and sent them on their way under the protection of Ashur...NOT Yahwe!

I am happy to say that my awful and disgusting encounter with you two pieces of white trash has not in the least harmed my willingness...indeed my NEED to trust people.

You are both turds in this life...and life will shit you out as it has shat upon you your whole lives...not because life is unfair...but because it knows what it is doing.

You donīt love animals, you donīt love your wife, you donīt love your children...and you donīt love money either. You LOVE using and fooling and wounding people...and when youīre busted...and we are coming for you...I will give you your starter jar of vaseline.

This time you wonīt be going to a prison camp...because once again someone made the mistake of trusting you...this time you do hard time...with guys whoīve been exercising their cocks for years waiting for your lilly white ass.

You may not be the biggest asshole in the world...but youīre going to HAVE a much bigger asshole. Every Christmas Iīll send you another jar...thatīs just the kind of generous guy I am.

Itīs peaceful on the hill now. The six couples who plotted our demise are gone. You and your slut of a wife are in hiding with your next victim...Kit and Luis donīt dare show their faces and havenīt been home for over two weeks...and Rober and Leslie are leaving the country if they arenīt gone already. Iīll now take legal action against the four of, no one will hear from soon and you havenīt had a pot to piss in for years. The fact that two of them ran only proves that this was a deliberate attempt to frame me and have me deported. were going to write anonymous letters to the US Embassy in Mexico City detailing my "Iraqi terrorist" sympathies???
You your haste to be gone from here you left behind all the incrimminating evidence an attorney would ever need.

You cowboy from nursery school...Iīve even got your fucking chaps...your silver spurs AND your own black Stetson. You can keep your underpants.

You challenged me to fight you? I dummy...without getting my hands dirty or bruised...I took your own stupidity and made from it a weapon...ask the Jackster. I donīt follow orders...certainly not yours...but let me say that had you jumped down from your horse that day...I would have ripped your eyes from their sockets...itīs very easy to do and leaves a permanent scar.

Enough of along and hide in some ditch till we get you.

And another assumed because you didnīt have to con me...because I gave before you had to whine and beg...that I was some sort of super chump. Wrong. I told you Iīd give a person enough rope to hang himself...that I didnīt need a contract...and that I agreed with the primitive tribe among whose members ingratitude was a greater crime than murder.

I conned jackass.

-- Lump On The Hill...
-- signature .

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