Hole in the Head Gang??

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Posted by Leslie Harrow Griffith from dial-159.zianet.com ( on Monday, May 19, 2003 at 4:56PM :

I was anticipating a website regarding art..sculpture etc.
What I have found is confusing. This website sounds as if it is more on political issues.
And more confusing, but interesting, is the subject matter regarding the Hole in the Head Gang.
I do not know if this is all fabricated from your imagination or for real.
If it is for real...Wow!! How can there be so much hatred in your heart and actions?
You claim your "need" to trust people, consequently enjoying helping others.
Your words and actions regarding these people are totally contrary to your words.
What have they done to you to create such hate and acts of vengeance??
They are fellow human beings and apparently your neighbors.
Sounds as if your actions and words are pure vendetta.
You degrade the man..is he your target? Then why degrade the woman(women) and her daughters as you do?
Why create such havoc and danger to the entire family and group of people and brag about this? Where is your heart?
You say you have a wife and daughter and yet you sound totally macho and chauvanistic.
I do not know their side of this and I am basing my feelings, thoughts and words from your account.
You sound like a cruel human...are you a terrorist? Perhaps not a political terrorist but definataly a terrorist toward these people.
I am thankful I am not your neighbor and am sorry you have nothing better in your life to do with your time.
You seem to believe that they are responsible for your wife's breakdown and her stress and for your daughters fears.
I can understand your wife's nervous breakdown, her stress and your daughters fears. If I were in their shoes and living with a husband and father that is so full of hatred and behaving as you are, I would probably need to be committed to some institution for psychological therapy and peace of mind. I sympathize with them.
isn't there enough hatred and anger in this world without you creating the same in your neighborhood?
I cannot hate you or be angry with you. What I feel is sorrow for you. I truly hope you can find peace and joy in your heart and life. You sound like such a tormented man.
I do not believe this part of you has been created by this man Reynolds or by your other neighbors. I feel as though this has been created by your own choosing for a long, long time.
I hurt for you and will send good and constuctive thoughts your way. Find a place in your heart for the love our creator has shown to us. Find your soul and love it. Find compassion in your heart. Find the good in yourself and embrace it.
You are the loser in this situation...rise above it and be a winner.
I cannot say I am a friend but a compassionate fellow human caring about you.

-- Leslie Harrow Griffith
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