Today in the church of the ladder day saints

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Posted by Alexander from ( on Monday, May 19, 2003 at 8:40PM :

We sung the hymn of the 14 rungs of the ladder. We had our youth try to climb some imitations of the actual ladders that were in use in the year of our parishoner's birth, 1992 common era. They actually still had the engravings signifying they were made in 1992 in Vermont. It was almost as if we were reliving the old "ladder climbing" that many people dont know about. This is when Virgin Mary climbed the ladder up to her loft in the old rundonw place stayed at with her husband. Of course, we don't include the part where she fell down and broke her ankle, that is too controversial, so we remodified it with she fell and hurt her knee. It all fits in place now, and now, at school plays, the kids all hop around on one leg holding their knee with their hands as if they fell and hurt their knee. It is so much more acceptable in society. Ankles are just too controversial.. Oh well, better get ready for tomorrow.. We're having a sermon on what Joseph said when he hit his head on the eigth rung of the ladder. It is the modified and censored version for children.

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