Farty: Why throwing pearls before swines ?

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Posted by Andreas from dtm2-t9-1.mcbone.net ( on Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 2:22PM :

: Dear Finger...Andreas doesnīt HAVE any original ideas...he is a cypher. Were it not for the Sumerians he wouldnīt even be a cypher.

: Heīs the kind of guy in college you overhear at a coffee shop with the other pet students saying things like..." Kant says that Plato says that Socretes meant what Shopenhauer said to Spinoza...or would have, if they were all here right now..." The kind of guy who memorizes other people cause he ainīt a people hisself. But then you knew that.

+++ Why throwing pearls before swines ?

+++ Didn't I say that often enough?

+++ So, why spending any thoughts and ideas on the fruitless endeavor to seek any intelligent conversation with you and your kindergarten of self-delusional pseudo-Assyrians here, very prototypes of their trash pack with an attention span of a goldfish and an IQ barely above Celsius room temperature ?

+++ To provide you with some news crumbs is already more generosity than you deserve.

+++ Take those as a fee I pay you for conducting my sociopathology studies here on you.

+++ No, it is NOT about any "darkie-whitie" faultline which you want to establish and exploit so eagerly in order to relieve yourself from all personal responsibility:
It's simple about you being a self-aggrandizing notorious liar living in a parallel universum of his own concoction filled with gigantic pretensions - on your ever re-cycled trash of a sickly phantasized "Assyrianism", sanitized history, religion, culture, not to forget your 1st grader platitudes on politics etc etc.

+++ And it is about your lack of all honesty, seriousness and activity when these are required (see: Iraq sanctions, Iraq war, any caring about any content of an "Assyrian" identity and culture which you've drowned in empty propaganda phrases etc etc)

(For evidence see our earlier exchanges)

+++ Well, pretending - over-pretending:
Just this is the very character trait you have in common with that Chance Reynolds and which navigated you to let you find that guy and allowed you to be duped by him.

+++ Twins - unfortunately separated at birth?

+++ It takes 2 to tango: not only Chance - you fell quite actively into that trap thanks to your character.

+++ So, you have to share the blame with him when it comes to question WHO REALLY is responsible for the damage your family is suffering actually.

+++ The hystery which you stage here for detraction and in which you're agitating against others is a typical symptom for someone trying desperately to pass on his own active involvement and (share of) guilt.

+++ Try to dupe your pseudo-Assyrians here with your infantile blathering: little, ugly - Stupid "Assyrian" Man.
Doesn't work with me.

+++ Your behaviour is the classical one of either a dry drunk going wet again or a cocain junkie.

+++ I know, you can't answer intelligently and/or fairly without shifting topic or running away from it (see above).

+++ So simply swallow it.

-- Andreas
-- signature .

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