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Posted by Leslie Harrow Griffith from ( on Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 3:26PM :



I do not think you are stupid at all. Now I am beginning to see your problem...your inability to converse...YOU HAVE A SPEECH IMPEDIMENT!! you were unable to get beyond the first few words you learned and mastered as a child.

Also: Seems as if your brain capacity is as small(and useless?) as that little appendage dangling between your legs!

And: I thought for sure that you had BIG HUGE HUEVOS---by the way you brag of your fearsome deeds toward your neighbors.

Oh, Oh, Ah HA!! .....I see you driving down the road in that little red sports car.(just as I suspected)

Bye Bye...gotta go see if I can find a website with creative art or creative thought. Guess I can handle deformities of the brain, lacking inability to converse but it is unacceptable when a person lacks creativity..
You're no fun..........
P.S. Because of my female vanity and naivety,(with normal female drives) I had believed to find a man of substance...either cerebral or fully loaded elswhere. But I see you are lacking in all those attributes from head to toe.......boring!!
I TRIED to help you rise above yourself. I was also unable to stimulate sensitivity or humanity or humane_s in you.
I failed.
So again I say Bye, Bye while I search elsewhere. Take care and don't be so hard on yourself. I truly hope you find your good qualities within you and show some appreciation for your life and for the life of others.

-- Leslie Harrow Griffith
-- signature .

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