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Posted by Leslie Harrow Griffith from tos-dial-187.zianet.com ( on Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 6:05PM :

Geez, I didn't think you cared...nice compliment.
Re: Chance Reynolds Link.
Thanks for leading me there. I could not understand your hatred toward them. Now I know.
What did he do that was so bad? What did he do that most people do in perhaps a smaller and more subtle way? What did he do that you probably would have liked to do? Your anger is because you do not have the intelligence and capacity to do what he did. You could not grasp what you admired and coveted in him.
You gave them a helping hand so as to be closer to them and hopefully have some of it rub off on you.
And your degrading of his mate...I understand that also..by what I read in the link and the comments of the apparantly jealous woman and the admiration of others. She was unaccessible and unavailable to you.
You coveted what she and her daughters seem to be.
In a nutshell, you and yours are lacking what you admired in them. So your way of dealing with your frustration in yourself is by degrading them so you can LOOK taller.
So, you admit as to how low you can go...by bragging that you have his chaps and spurs. What other crumbs did you gather? And by admitting that you are apparently trespassing into their property that you have described has the stench of death and rot. Guess that turns you on. Seems like you will do anything just to be close to them in any form.
Got your number now and the link answered one of my original questions to you..why the hatred?

Don't bother to reply...your words do not excite me, upset me, move me, annoy me or displace my center. If you reply, the reason to me will be that you care and my words have moved you. That you need the satisfaction of letting me know.

-- Leslie Harrow Griffith
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