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Posted by farid from ( on Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 8:42PM :

In Reply to: Re: I get the sneaky feeling that... posted by Lew Garcia from ( on Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 6:59PM :

: Here is some more information for anyone interested in officially opening hunting season of Farid. Farid also has law suits against him in the US.

***He means the Jackster

I guess with all his anger towards trying to capture a criminal no one cares about here in MExico he forgot to mention all the wrong doings he has done in the past.

***These guys never figured out why, with all the denunciations they made...nothing ever came of them...even when they had forged documents claiming the horses were theirs...they never once thought that all the officials up there knew about them...and all of us were waiting patiently for the Marshalls to come...somebody must have cared enough to break down your doors and shoot your dog...I wouldnīt say that was a sign of indiffrence by the authorities here or in America...they have lots of rats to flush out...each in his and her turn.

Why oh why is he in MEXICO if life was so peachy in the US and he wants to do his duty as a US citizen?

***He wanted to live in Mexico for twenty years...finally got here...Americans are Americans anywhere...just as four flushing con men and common theives and liars...Vet my arse...are whatever they are wherever they are.

Did Farid tell anyone he embazzled $35,000 US dollars from a lady

*** Thatīs "embezzled" you ignorant slut... and itīs $42,000...why canīt anyone get that right...and we all know about that was a land deal gone bad in which I and a friend of mine also lost out...but there is only ONE Jackster and oh lordy to get her into court and soon too!

and the Suburban he is driving is not his, it is owned by the bank in CA which he stole and drove to Mexico illegally.

***No...I own it...didnīt steal it from anybody.

Here are the telephone numbers of his mother and mother in law if you would like to verify any of this. His mother in law hates him so she would probably be glad to set you all straight. Mother in law xxx-xxx-xxxx
: Mother xxx-xxx-xxxx [numbers edited by administrator to protect the innocent from white trash]

***I will leave the rest of your post up here but delete the phone numbers. You are welcome to write whatever you want to...leave the innocent people out of it...white trash. I could delete every one of your posts...but I wonīt. What do you matter anywhere? How can bravely anonymous people count anywhere?

***The bottom line is you are all gone from the hillside, hiding out in town, parcelled out among people who canīt get rid of off of them...your business is canīt show your heads anywhere and soon we will take legal action against all of you...which you can avoid having to face up to if you stay in hiding...I got what I wanted and you have nothing...which is what you had when I met you and gave you $25,000. And then the lawyer friend of yours...whom you tried to wheedle ten grand out of gave you $4500 in pity and today neither he nor many others want to talk to you or see you...your last "friends" are the meanest and poorest of all...stuck with "friends" like you.

Slam me and discredit me all you want...keep your filty selves from my family.

-- farid
-- signature .

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