Now, what about Assyrians?

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Posted by Andreas from ( on Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 2:53AM :

In Reply to: Afghans' uranium levels spark alert posted by Sadie from ? ( on Saturday, May 24, 2003 at 4:15PM :

Now, what about Assyrians under similiar conditions in Iraq?

To my greater astonishment I've learnt that there are still Assyrians Chaldeans living in Baghdad and elsewhere in Iraq and - to my even greater bewilderment - that they might NOT be spared the general present and actual dangers there - through simple ethnic affiliation.

E.g. with a view to all the contaminating DU remains and unexploded cluster bomb(lets), unexploded landmines and other ordnance (not to mention the looted nuclear stuff) littering the place :

Is there anyone telling the Assyrian Chaldean kids playing joyfully in those remains to keep away and how to do it?

Seriously: Is there any expert information campaign underway ?

Or are those problems simply swept under the carpet?

Unfortunately, at present there is a strong political-psychological tendency on the side of pro-war Assyrians Chaldeans to follow the motto "Our liberation from Saddam is all worth that price" and/or to keep a low profile on these troubling topics in order not to endanger/have to question their support for war retroactively by facing and admitting openly its full consequences ... as if such messy results weren't all too predictable.

-- Andreas
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