Miduunam iino diger ...

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Posted by Andreas from dtm2-t9-1.mcbone.net ( on Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 2:30PM :

In Reply to: Re: Actually posted by Alexander from ( on Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 2:15PM :

: the OoOoO is supposed to be the reverberation effect that is hard to translate into text silly

+++ Yes, Alex, I know.
Farsi: Miduunam iino diger ...

"Farsi: Miduunam iino diger ..."


(To make good for the impression I only want to poke fun on Alex).

Mi-duun-am = colloquially for mi-daan-nes-tan

daan-estan = to know.

Verb analysis:
'Mi' is the present tense prefix.
'-am' is the verbal ending for the 1st person singular

Iino = colloquial form for 'iin-ro'

'iin' = this
'-raa/ro' = Accusativ case ending

diger = 1. other
2. adverbial used for any verb emphasis

+++ Just therefore I mentioned the exceptional prounciation in songs forced by melody and rhyme.

BTW: Which song are you referring to?

+++ Alex, are you interested in Farsi anyhow?

-- Andreas
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