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Posted by Alexander from ( on Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 3:54PM :

I hope I don't offend anyone in the room, but I rarely read articles posted here, just the conversational posts. I don't read articles, unless they are intelligence sources or other(which is why I was interested in IRAQWAR.RU) and although I will skim through them occasionally, I generally just save them if I think they are interesting to my disk. This is why I might not have responded as may have previously been anticipated by some pancreases around here:) I don't read the articles sorry:) It's the thought that counts. Hey, if you ever want me to read an article, just post it that you want me to specifically read that article as the title or something, and I will pay more attention to it. It's just that articles tend to be just clutter, and all repeat details of which I may or may not know, but that I am too lazy to bother to read unless I think that the title corresponds to an article I will likely find interesting(not that articles here are not, but I just don't read them, only occasionally I'll skim through one). Does anyone else here read articles? Just wondering. P'sheyna

-- Alexander
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