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Posted by Andreas from ( on Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 4:25PM :

In Reply to: Sorry that ye didn't get that cute Mandean girl posted by Andreas from ( on Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 4:21PM :

++ .

: Sorry that ye didn't get that cute Mandean girl

: And:
: YOU wrote about today's Mandeans whereas I wrote about the "ancient" Sumerians.

: That's quite a difference, I'd think.

: Phrases like "time channel", "time mission" etc. and the entire context I used could have been a hint for everybody, rightfully so.

: But of course not for you.

: Sorry, Alex.

: I forget about your special disposition.

: Plus a little tip - You wrote referring to Mandeans:

: "[They] ... look like they will fall asleep any moment, and they are always reserved and still while sitting with their hands clasped together, droopy eyes .."

: May I translate their body language to you?

: 1) You were/are the gratest bore to them;

: 2) They were scanning meditatively your mind meditatively;

: 2) Beyond that, they simply signalled a mildly discplined contempt for you/your mental state by not interrupting their scan and not concentrating on your presence with full awareness.

: Alex, this is NOT a joke.

: Please do NOT regard this as any insult I am supposed to intend towards you.

: From my own life(s) experience I can tell you that those people (and others) have psychic abilities so refined that you can't ever dream of.

: If you should ever be seriously interested in that topic, I am open for a fair and deeper exchange on that with you.

-- Andreas
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