Is anyone here aware of German cooperation

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Posted by Alexander from ( on Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 6:17PM :

...with the US during WWII?
Maybe Andreas would be interested in researching some facts:
A project for him:
US attacked a Japanese submarine in "international waters" to cause the Empire of Japan to "attack by surprise" Pearl Harbor. Around the late 1960s by the way, a Russian submarine tried to fire a nuclear missile at the US military base in Hawaii.
The US dropped two nuclear ordnances on Japan to warn Russia of its arsenal and intimidate them, only to find out Russia was outdoing them in nuclear technology shortly thereafter, and of course, they dropped the ordnances after they learnt of the Japanese intentions of surrender.
The US used nuclear weapons in Afghanistan, and in 1991 in Iraq, while storming the beaches.
The US has tested bio-chemical substances over cities in the US, on its own citizens, by flying airplanes over major cities in California and some other places.
There are rebel forces in the US, waiting for any day that another nation takes an offensive against the US, to take parts of the midwest US for themselves, and they have everything but a navy and an airforce(although they do have helicopters) although the mechanized divisions and such that they do have are far inferior to the US army. Though they intend to use them in any future engagement.
The US never won a war, in the past 60 or 70 years. Name one. And do not include the last two years, for those are still ongoing.
The US maintains corrupt armies in South America and Central America that repress the populations by shooting them.
Atrocities there are enormous.
The US' support of Israel causes Israel to believe it is stronger than it is, and therefore, knowing it will be backed up in case of emergency, is much more freewilling to create devastation in Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon, which I believe are under constant bombardment still.
Parking lots in Israel are filled with civilian bodies of Palestinians who were killed in any number of Israeli offensive manuevers, and those parking lots are filled in and repaved.
There are reports of civilian Palestinians being shot point blank by civilian Israelis and the Israeli assailants not even being apprehended by the zionist government.
I do not know the current maoist situation in Anatolya, but I hear they are still fighting in small numbers. PKK has from what I last heard, refrained from any offensive manuevers in Turkey, although if anyone has more information on this, please provide it.
Iraq is under "false occupation".
Any attempt by the US to attack Iran or Syria, will default to a power grab in Iraq again, but perhaps the waiting game will be prolonged beyond that. I am not in a position to speak of that.

-- Alexander
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