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Posted by farid from customer-148-233-71-70.uninet.net.mx ( on Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 7:04PM :

Thereīs a new corporation on the block...itīs leaders will stiff their emplyees too...just like they screwed workers out of their savings and pensions. The very same callous attitude towards the people who produce their "product" will be increasingly exhibited towards these employees who, like all of us, "need the job".

The new corporation is the United States Military Establishment. The secretary of the Army just happened to be an Enron exec...but that will become commonplace. The foot soldiers...the poor who canīt find real jobs, are the new workers and theyīll get the same back of the hand the rest of us get.

This corporation produces nothing...it adds no value to our lives...itīs there ultimately to intimidate us...just as the German Armyīs final target was the German people themselves. The "work" this corporation will engage in...it is after all in the "Service Sector", will be first of all to siphon off our money and use it to fund attacks against decidedly inferior forces...beefed up for the occasion by the very same country that will recat in "horror" and "shock" at the deployment and use of the very weapons it sold to our "enemies".

The entire Space Program is an excellent example. In the film, "The Right Stuff", John Glenn, speaking on behalf of an increasingly frustrated group of test pilots...newly become astronauts, and unaccustomed to being treated like lab rats...says to the great Nazi scientist, Werner Von Braun..."No bucks...no Buck Rogers"...by which he means the public needs to see real live action heroes piloting the tin cans passing as spaceships, or their wonīt be any "funding"...which is what really makes space ships go into space...screw aerodynamic theory.

Playing to the public is what itīs all about...whether you want money for war...street repair or space exploration. But the phrase is more meaningful if you turn it around..."No Buck Rogers...no bucks".

I can just see the NASA big wigs sitting around trying to find some justification for sending humans for rides through space. "No Buck Rogers"...and all you have left is the military and other private corporations riding on our backs to get us to fund the delivery systems that put their communications satelites in place...something they could in no way afford themselves...so they can over-charge us for their "services".

How would any other corporation get the public to fund its plants and factories...would we pay to build GM and then pay again to buy the cars? Well, in a way we do cause GM pays little to nothing in REAL taxes.

Our Military isnīt here to protect us from anything. Itīs now a business...like everything else about America. Itīs product has to be death and fear. To keep the bucks flowing it has to create enemies...or rather the other corporate arm of America Inc., the Media...owned by the same people...will supply that part of what it takes to drive Mr. and Mrs. America and their frightfull children to the movies in record-breaking numbers cause we believe there is nothing we can do about Americaīs slide into Corporate Fascism.

We stood by and let it happen...these people...Bush and his idiots, are not giants...they arenīt formidable in any way...they are merely mean spirited and double-dealing...cruel, deceitful and vulgar...and just as before...when Gingrich and the rest of them took out their "Contract On America"...only to blow away in a week...these boys too can be dealt with in the manner blessingly decreed to us...the People...in that most sacred document...The United States Constitution.

If you allow them to "streamline" that document...you can kiss your sweet arses good-bye. What do you think the REAL target is...Al Qaida????

Those of you in college are in the best position to do it...you will be the Minutemen and Women of this generation...you can be the ones to mobilize the population...to get the word out..."One Fucker...if by land...another Fucker into the sea"...or something like that.

I love America...and I despise what these un-American slobs...the Bushes and their type...fellow travellers to hell...are doing to it.

And while weīre at it...if Castro was such a huge fucking threat to America...how come he couldnīt even get the Naval Base at Guantanamo off of his own island country? Does that sound like a Big Bad Bogeyman to you? My GOD the American public education system works wonders...how else could you make so many young people brain dead-listless...painting their hair and bodies and shoving nails into their empty heads...

-- farid
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